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Photography by Yael Duval

Last weekend, the Museo de la Altagracia hosted a guided tour and toast to the farewell of “Road to Sanctuary” (Camino al Santuario) by Cristobal Rodriguez. This Saturday, September 10th they will inaugurate the new exhibition, “Pilgrims of Altagracia” (Peregrinos de la Altagracia) by Yael Duval at 11:00 am. It is curated by Carlos Acero Ruiz as part of the International Photography Festival, PhotoImagen.

Photoimagen is an international photography festival, a non profit initiative, organized by Fundación Imagen 83 and the Centro de Imagen which looks to promote Dominican photography to the world, discover new talents, showcase renowned artists and ongoing tendencies in the area of photography. The Fundación Imagen 83 was created by Mayra Johnson, to promote and develop Dominican photography, it is an institution that organizes activities with the goal to strengthen human relations and cultural roots using various media and approaches that are allowed today through photography. They also have Centro Imagen, a platform dedicated to the study, promotion and appreciation of still and moving image. Centro Imagen creates high quality programs to help move forward the areas of photography and video as media language.

This is the seventh installment of PhotoImagen, which started back in 2006. Every year they have a new theme to which they dedicate the festival and they also have an invited guest country. This years theme is “Between portrait and self-portrait: photography and representation” (Entre el retrato y el autorretrato: fotografía y representación) and Cuba is the honored guest country. The festival will run for a whole month from the 1st-30th of september with various exhibitions throughout the country in different museums, cultural centers, galleries and art studios. There will also be various conferences, workshops and presentations.

One of those exhibitions is “Pilgrims of Altagracia” (Peregrinos de la Altagracia) by Yael Duval which was curated by Carlos Acero Ruiz who is the director of Centro Imagen. Yael Duval was born in Santo Domingo, studied Photography at IED, and Painting in the Academy of Fine Arts (Turin). She lives and work at Santo Domingo and Turin, Italy. She has won several awards and has been part of various exhibitions, a few years ago she collaborated with Jenny Polanco in the exhibition Good… Bad Hair as well as with the magazine BLUSH, Pandora, OH Magazine, Zona N and various others. Let’s all go and support her new exhibition this Saturday at the Museo de la Altagracia in Higuey.

Pilgrims of Altagracia by Yael Duval

When: Saturday, September 10th

Time: 11am

Where: Museo de la Altagracia

Photographer: Yael Duval

Curated by: Carlos Acero Ruiz as part of the photography festival PhotoImagen


Address: Arzobispo Nouel Street (gardens of the Basilica), Higüey

Hours of Operation: 

  • Tuesdays – Saturdays: 8:30am-5:00pm
  • Sundays: 9:00am-5:00pm


  • Adults: RD$100 and RD$200 (guided tour)
  • Children: half price

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