Casa de Campo Resort

Photos of the Week: Sunset over the Teeth of the Dog Golf Course

casa de campo sunset

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This week’s photo of the week was taken by me (Rebecca Hughes) and it is gorgeous! I am rather proud of it! 

The photo was taken on the 8th hole of the Teeth of the Dog, where I like to walk my dog Leila (you can see her in the middle of the photo looking out at the ocean) at sunset. Now I imagine you must be thinking “wow that is an impressive sunset”, and it was a nice sunset, but if I’m honest it wasn’t that nice – I played with the settings on the camera and used “color boost” and this is what happened! Pretty impressive eh?

This is what the sunset actually looked like (taken with the normal “landscape” setting):

casa de campo sunset

And finally, the following photo (my favorite) was taken using a setting which filters out all color except for one:

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