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Last week, from Wednesday the 27th of April through to Saturday the 30th of April, the annual Sugar Shooting Tournament, hosted by Pepe Fanjul took place with shooting at Rancho Peligro and at Casa de Campo’s shooting centre. This week’s photo of the week is a gorgeous shot of the Dominican countryside at the beautiful Rancho Peligro.

When we were invited to Rancho Peligro to film one of the ‘drives’ of the shooting tournament, I thought we were going to the shooting centre in Casa de Campo, but instead we went on an adventure which took us deep into the Dominican countryside, to a place which really felt like the middle of no-where – as you can see from the photo it was green hills as far as the eye could see!

In this photo you can not only see an amazing panorama of the Dominican countryside, but also the workers of Rancho Peligro, who were at this point collecting the fallen birds from the drive (shoot) which had finished just a few minutes before. At the top of the hill you can see a man on horseback – he was being used as a type of ‘mule’ carrying the ammo and supplies, walking up the hill are the ‘loaders’ who helped the shooters load their weapons during the shooting and finally walking across the hillside are the men collecting the birds.

Watching the shoot and seeing this beautiful countryside was an incredible experience – I will be publishing more about the Sugar Shooting Tournament next week.

If you would like to experience shooting at Rancho Peligro for yourself, contact:
Shaun Snell, Casa de Campo Shooting Director
809-523-3333 ext 5145

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