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Photo of the Week: Relaxing by the pool

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This week’s photo was yet again contributed by Philip Silvestri, who last week was playing with his black and white setting and this week has discovered ‘shutter speeds.’ Last night by the pool he managed to snap this great shot of our friend Savina. 

Philip was using his newest toy a Canon S95 (the best camera ever), a tripod and a long shutter speed of about 6 seconds. His original idea was to just capture the pool in the fading sunlight, but our friend Savina, who just happens to be a gorgeous model obliged us by getting in the shot and making it even better!

The photo and subsequent others were taken last night, whilst relaxing by the pool at our very good friend Benny Abad’s Casa de Campo villa – which just happens to be the place Philip and I met for the very first time, if you would like to read a little more about Philip and our romance, click here!

Following the success of Savina’s photo our other 2 gorgeous Argentinian model friends wanted to get in on the photo action, so here is another one of Julia and Mercedes:

What can I say? It’s all champagne and hot women at Benny’s house….another one of the reasons we love Casa de Campo (and Benny) so much!

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