It may be raining now, but as hurricane season officially already ended on the 1st of November, we can surely look forward to sunnier times soon…

This lovely photo was taken by me on Minitas Beach on a reconnaissance mission planning for our next event: Joli-Day Beach

Taking place on Saturday the 27th of November (Thanksgiving weekend) starting from 10am, Joli-Day Beach will be a fun day on the beach for ALL the family!!

Here’s what you can expect from this great day:

• 2 inflatable water slides!

• ‘Nikki’ beach style Lounge

• Beach games and activities for kids

• Water sports

• Beach BBQ

• Beach bazaar

• and more!!!

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Here comes the sun…

Hurricane season is NOT in fact over, in fact hurricane season does not end until the end of November! Many thanks to Vivian Dickson who pointed this out!