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Photo of the Week: Flamboyant in Bloom!

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It’s Fiery Flamboyant season in Casa de Campo and the Dominican Republic and this photo, taken by Philip Silvestri with his latest photography toy ‘instagram’ for the Ipad shows a beautiful Flamboyant tree on Casa de Campo’s Teeth of the Dog golf course. 

The following is a snippet from an article written by Vivian Dickson-Morato about Flamboyan’s and Flamboyan season:

Ladies in Red, radiant beauty in Casa de Campo

Have you noticed? They have dressed up in their best finery, mostly in fiery shades of orange and red, and playfully dance in the wind to their own magic tunes, majestically and flirtatious at the same time, like coquettes. But they are rather faithful girls, the lot of them – they actually put the same colorful spectacle on scene for us each year from May to September.

Who are these striking ladies in red? Where do they come from? Take a drive around and you will find them gracefully adorning gardens, villa entrances, landscapes and bordering roads everywhere throughout the resort. They are part of Casa de Campo’s incomparable troupe of beautiful Flamboyant trees. We just can’t have enough of them.

To read the rest of this article and see more photos of Flamboyant trees in Casa de Campo, click here!

Many thanks to Philip Silvestri and Vivian Dickson-Morato for these fantastic photos!

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