fried fish
fried fish

Considered a true Dominican delicacy, Pescado Frito (whole fried fish) is served in restaurants across the entire country – and is something all visitors should try… and no doubt fall in love with!

An incredibly simple dish, Pescado Frito is fresh fish rubbed with salt and pepper, coated in flour and then deep fried until crispy and served with a side of tostones (or something healthier like rice or veggies if you prefer) and a wedge of lemon. The only real variation is the type and size of the fish, most popular are the Cojinua and Loro (Parrotfish), as well as the more expensive Chilo (Red Snapper).

Most restaurants will bring out their “catch of the day” on a platter, so that you can make your preferred selection before they fry it up. A 1lb fish is a good serving size for 1 person (1.5lb if you’re very hungry), and if you prefer to share, 2lb is normally perfect for 2 people.

While we have seen some eat their Pescado Frito with a knife and fork – most (including ourselves) prefer to use our fingers, it just seems to taste better that way! If you’re brave enough -dig into the fins (yes really)- if cooked well they will be as crispy as potato chips, but much more flavorful!

In Casa de Campo we’ve enjoyed awesome Pescado Frito at La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo. Certainly a more refined take on this traditional dish, La Casita’s “Boneless fried red snapper stuffed with rice marinara” (US$23) is deboned and stuffed with seafood rice.

Delicious Pescado Frito at La Casita, Marina Casa de Campo

Outside of Casa de Campo and within the La Romana – Bayahibe area, the unrivalled best places to go for Pescado Frito are El Cafecito de la Cubana on the beach in Bayahibe, where the fish is so fresh it’s literally wheeled across the sand and into the kitchen, and La Bahia in Boca de Yuma, a traditional restaurant perched on the cliff overlooking the bay. Another more “fancy” option (pictured top) can be enjoyed at Tracadero Beach Club in Dominicus.

“Rustic” Pescado Frito – this one we ate at Macao beach

A little further away, and certainly the most rustic option can be found on Macao beach to the North of Casa de Campo. Several “restaurants” (in the loosest sense of the word) can be found along the beach serving up delicious Pescado Frito and tostones – best enjoyed with some cold Presidente beers.

It’s yummy! Don’t go home without trying it!

Although Pescado Frito can be enjoyed all over the Dominican Republic and especially in seaside towns, here are a list of places we’ve tried and recommend:

La Casita, Marina Casa de Campo
(809) 523-2529

El Cafecito de la Cubana, Bayahibe
(809) 757-9601

La Bahia, Boca de Yuma
(809) 649-4749

Tracadero, Dominicus
(809) 906-3664