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It is time for the Sunset Jazz Night again and it could not have arrived at a better moment… in time to celebrate the Azimut Café’s anniversary!

The Sunset Jazz Night on Friday the 15th of August from 6pm at the Azimut Café will be an event  everyone in Casa de Campo will be talking about… No-one will want to miss this pleasant evening of cocktails, friends and fine music!

Every Sunset Jazz Night exceeds the previous one! The Sunset Jazz Nights hosted regularly at the Azimut Café in the Marina Casa de Campo are hosted by Mauro Caslini, President and CEO of IB Nautica and his daughter Alice Caslini de Moriconi, Owner and Director of Sales and Marketing at IBI Yachts. This dynamic duo invite you to spend a beautiful evening under the stars at the water’s edge enjoying a live jazz performance, featuring some of the best jazz musicians in the Dominican Republic!


The past Sunset Jazz Night, on the 24th of May, celebrated by the Casa de Campo community and specially, our beautiful mothers, had such a good atmosphere that everyone felt relaxed whilst having a great time to the melody of smooth jazz from Carlos Marcelo and his band! Click here for photos and our event coverage.

As a superb event for the Casa de Campo community, as well as for visitors, SILGON is proud to sponsor the Sunset Jazz Nights with Casa de Campo Living website, and on this occasion the gathering is also being sponsored by Chivas, our favorite whisky!

See you there everyone!

Sunset Jazz Night at Azimut Café

When: Friday August 15th, 6pm-9pm

Where: Azimut Café, Paseo del Mar, Marina Casa de Campo

Contact: (809) 449-3323 or (809) 449-3321

For a complete calendar of events and activities visit: 

About Azimut Café

Azimut Café started as a club where yacht owners not only from Azimut Yachts (exclusively represented by IBI Yachts in the Dominican Republic), but also from other brands, as well as the crew from the yachts, residents, visitors from Casa de Campo and La Marina can go and enjoy a good cup of Nespresso coffee, appetizers and a relaxed and elegant atmosphere.

The way that it is seen by its founders is as one of the conditions to come closer to the demands and expectations from their clients. Effectively, they take advantage of this strategy to please and pamper the clients by making them feel comfortable before boarding or as they get off of their Azimut Yacht or any other yacht. Azimut Café is the first one in Dominican Republic, and goes without saying that it is also the first one world-wide.

Once a month or every two months, (depending on the season), they organize a Sunset Jazz Night where residents, visitors, captains, crew and yacht owners enjoy of live music (jazz, bossa nova, latin jazz, etc.) as well as a magnificent sunset from their terrace.

Sunset Jazz Night Azimut Cafe