With all the activities that happened during the past few weeks, we are sure you needed time to recharge in order continue on with your busy holiday schedules and what better way than going to Minitas beach with its new Minitas Beach Club, but did you also notice their new food truck? Following on with the culinary trend on wheels, Casa de Campo Resort recently opened the Epicure Food Truck.

Food trucks have come a long way from their original concepts! The food industry is constantly evolving, food trucks have changed from simple carts for hot dogs and soft pretzels to food trucks that offer a variety of culinary masterpieces that are growing in popularity. 

The Minitas food truck has the perfect name, Epicure which by definition means a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drinks. Epicure Food Truck, offers a new innovative proposal in Casa’s gastronomic field, where diners can enjoy a varied, fun, creative and flavourful menu in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. From fresh shrimp ceviche to beef skewers with Ají panka BBQ sauce accompanied with grilled corn in a cobb!

Guess what, it’s also available for your private events! Bring all the fun of a new culinary trend to your parties and forget about having to worry about the menu plus hiring a food truck is like having a mobile restaurant come to your house and feed your guests.

Epicure is open from 12 pm until 4 pm. In your next visit to Minitas don’t forget to stop by, you will not regret it!