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Natural Health Day at Palma Real Shopping Village

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Dia Salud Palma Real

This coming Saturday, December 5th, the first ever Día de la Salud Natural (Natural Health Day) will be held at Palma Real Shopping Village, Punta Cana. This event aims to focus on the unity and collaboration of three of the most important branches of natural health (Physical Activity, Nutrition and Therapeutics) which will include the participation of professionals in each specialty, who will share their knowledge during several conferences in addition to taking their time to personally inform and advise each interested participant.

This event is suitable for all age groups, from children to seniors, and has a wide and varied nutritional and therapeutic offering that seeks to improve the quality of life of those in attendance.

The Natural Health Day has a great itinerary of activities ranging from lectures, raffles, and sports demonstrations from 20 to 60 minutes each.

Everyone who attends the event will receive a souvenir and will be given a ballot to participate in raffles to receive a special discount at all Palma Real local restaurants, as well as at their other businesses.

The following is the official event schedule:

  1. Reception of the attendees
  2. Professional Stands, Advice and Information
  3. Sports Demonstrations
  4. Lectures and Conferences
  5. Raffles and Draws
  6. Closing Ceremony


  • Yoga for Everyone (all ages) – Yira Carrasco-Kemlim – Ananda Yoga, Punta Cana
  • AeroYoga – María – Toque Holístico, Bávaro
  • Functional training – Zumba – Vicky y Joel – Setup Training Club, Bávaro, Punta Cana
  • Aquagym – Vicky – Setup Training Club, Bávaro, Punta Cana
  • Applied toning and Personal Training – Yilberto Vasquez – Dominicana Body Building, Bávaro Punta Cana
  • Functional and Personal Training and Pilates – Demian González – Body Factory, Bávaro, Punta Cana


  • Sport Nutrition – Yilberto Vasquez – Advanced Nutrition
  • Therapeutic Nutrition – Miquel Roig – Roig Osteopatía y Terapia
  • Ecological Nutrition
  • Organic Nutrition – Tienda Orgánica Capital
  • Dietitian


  • Osteopathy and Fasciatherapy – Miquel Roig – Roig Osteopatía y Terapia
  • Physiotherapy – Julian Sánchez – Phisolution Centro de Fisioterapia y Rehabilitación
  • Psychosomatic and Shiatsy – Davide – Toque Holístico, Bávaro
  • Applied Kinesiology – María – Toque Holístico, Bávaro
  • Pranayama – Healing through conscious breathing – Yira Carrasco-Kemlim – Ananda Yoga, Punta Cana

Sports Demonstrations

  • Yoga – Yira Carrasco – 30min – all ages
  • Pranayama – Yira Carrasco – 20min – all ages
  • Pilates – Demian González – 30min – all ages
  • AeroYoga – Maria Testillano – 30min – all ages
  • Stretching – Davide Sciortino – 30min – all ages
  • Toning – Centro Setup Training – 60min – adults

Lectures and Conferences

  • Miguel Roig – Osteopathy and Fasciatherapy
  • Julian Sanches – Physiotherapy
  • Luis Eduardo Flores – Soccer Academy – for kids and parents
  • Toque Holístico – Kinesiology and Shiatsu
  • Punta Cana Doctors – Nutritionist
  • Yilberto Vasquez – Sports Nutrition and Supplementation
  • Demian Gonzales – Personal training, Motivation and Coaching

Raffles, giveaways and discounts

All those attending the event will receive a ballot which they must keep in order to get the special discounts at restaurants and shops in the square. Professionals and partners of the event, will not only advise and inform participants, but also give different gifts, which will be raffled at the end of the day.

Each participant must fill out their ballot with their info in order to participate in the raffle, and introduce it in the urn. All ballots that have been awarded, will be contacted and even posted on social networks.

Día de la Salud Natural

Natural Health Day

When: Saturday, December 5th, 10am – 8pm

Where: Palma Real Shopping Village, Bávaro, Punta Cana

Contact: Miquel Roig, (829) 689-8436, [email protected]

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