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¡MORTAL! The CDC Halloween Party – the best yet!

Halloween Casa de Campo

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Halloween Casa de CampoWhen living in the Dominican Republic, there comes a point when some things are most accurately described in Spanish – or even Dominican, and in this case the expression “¡mortal!” is very definitely the most suitable way to describe the Casa de Campo Halloween Party celebrated on Sunday the 3rd of November.

Halloween Casa de Campo[ “¡Mortal!” is used to describe something really really awesome.]

The Casa de Campo Halloween Party, sponsored by Casa de Campo Living, TODO Casa de Campo magazine and Chivas Regal 12, took place at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club in the Marina Casa de Campo, and was organised by party-planning legends: Patricia Proano, Ivonna Sosa, Tato Caceres, Miguelin, Amelia Pereya and Gricelle Lahoz.

As bewitching hour arrived, Casa de Campo’s ghosts, ghouls, jellyfish, gods, goddesses, superheros, pirates, insects and fitness fanatics crossed the threshold of the graveyard and into the haunted house.

Halloween Casa de Campo

Halloween Casa de CampoWithin the dungeon, lit in eery red, bats flew from the rafters, tarantulas crawled across the furniture and a coffin stood hauntingly in a the corner. The scene was set for the perfect night(mare)… and as the horror unfolded more and more monsters rose from the dead and came out to shake their bones.

The midnight howling of the party echoed out so loud and clear across the resort, that even actor Frank Perozo, whose staying in Casa de Campo for the filming of new movie “La Extraña”, joined the dance of the dead.

“The party was amazing! For the food this year, we brought a ‘carrito de sandwiches de pierna’ (a cart with pork sandwiches) from town (La Romana), they were to die for!

We would like to send a special thank you to Suplidora Lahoz, El Catador, JR & Co., TODO Casa de Campo, Costasur News and Casa de Campo Living.

And thank you to all who supported us this year, we hope you had as much fun as we did!”

— Patricia Proaño, one of the party organisers

A terrifyingly “¡mortal!” celebration indeed!

With so many Casa de Campo villa owners and residents with the most macabre costumes – everyone was vying to be named winners in the costume contest… especially in the “scariest” category which had a return flight to Puerto Rico with Seaborne as the prize!

Winners of the Casa de Campo Halloween Costume Contest

Jellyfish costume HalloweenScariest costume: Georgie Olivo, dressed as Beetlejuice
[Prize – return flights for 2 to Puerto Rico with Seaborne Airlines.

Most original: Patricia Proaño, dressed as a medusa jellyfish
[Prize – a boattrip for 8 to Palmilla, courtesy of Toybox.]

Best couple: The Ghosts
[Prize – dinner for 2 at Travesias restaurant in Santo Domingo.]

Best couple (second place): The Playboy Bunnies
[Dinner for 2 courtesy of La Casita in the Marina Casa de Campo.]

Cutest: Ray Hernandez, dressed as Palito de Coco (rasta style)
[Prize – dinner for 2 courtesy of Chinois in the Marina Casa de Campo.]

Best female: Miguelina Ferry as a witch
[Prize – a facial massage courtesy of Corpobello in La Romana.]

Best male: Simon Rosatti dressed as a girl going to the gym
[Prize – a massage courtesy of the Casa de Campo Spa.]

Funniest: Jesmin Botello, dressed as a girl in the spa
[Prize – a massage courtesy of the Casa de Campo Spa.]

The following collection of photos were taken at the Casa de Campo Halloween Party celebrated at the Casa de Campo Yacht Club on Sunday the 3rd of November 2013:  

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