indian costumes

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On Wednesday the 24th of April, Casa de Campo villa owner Mignon Bellini hosted a wonderful Indian feast for all her Casa de Campo friends! Mignon, who who has had a home in Casa de Campo since the 1980’s – and whose memories of that time “The Beach Adventures of Mignon Bellini” were recently featured in TODO Casa de Campo magazine, takes great pride and pleasure in hosting “Indian Night” every year in April – a night which we all take great pleasure in enjoying! Whilst the main attraction of the evening is undoubtedly the Indian food (certainly my favorite part) the excitement of dressing up and seeing everyone else dressed up is very definitely a highlight too! Incredibly, every year not only to all the lovely guests manage to dress in Saris and other Indian-inspired outfits – but everyone (except maybe some of the gents) manage to sport a different outfit from the year before! Where are all these saris coming from I ask myself?! And so dressed in a rainbow of shimmery saris and big flashy jewelry, the lovely ladies accompanied by men in Indian-ish robes and some even with turbans (bravo Roberto Roncari), enjoyed the most delicious Indian feast – prepared by Mignon herself using spices she brings from New York. As nibbles to accompany our glasses of champagne we munched on samosas (OMG they were so good), poppadoms and Bombay mix, which was followed by an Indian buffet of  Chicken Tikka, Mixed Vegetables, Pork Curry, Eggplant curry, Dal lentils, rice and yoghurt with cucumber. Delicious! The feast ended with Mignon’s magnificent homemade icecream – mango, mint, coconut and ginger flavors! Also worth a mention was the Green Mango Chutney prepared by fellow Casa de Campo villa owner Norma Reubels who battled a mango tree on the golf course to bring us the treat! Congratulations and many thanks to Mignon for a wonderful evening! The following selection of photos were taken on Wednesday May 24th 2013 at the Indian Feast hosted by Mignon Bellini: