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Our memories of Casa, by the Winn family

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With factories in Santiago, the Winn family of New York first started to visit the Dominican Republic in the 1980’s, soon after deciding to buy a vacation home here. After first considering Puerto Plata, they were invited to lunch in Casa de Campo and fell in love, “it was perfect for 4 children and perfect for me”, Krystyna Winn told us. On their third visit they bought their villa in Las Cerezas, a home away from home which they still own and love today.

winn familyOver the years, the family; David and Krystyna Winn with their four children Adrian, Katie, Jess and Michael, spent numerous vacations in the resort, and like so many other international children of the community virtually grew up here. It’s exactly as Katie says, “all my best friends are from Casa, we grew up together, they are more like my siblings than friends, it feels like home.”

There is no denying that Casa de Campo is a very special place, something which Krystyna attributes to the “international crowd”, who despite cultural and language barriers have always lived in “respect and harmony”. This is especially the case for little ones, “we would go to the beach and make friends, somehow finding a universal language, because we all came from different parts of the world” explains Katie.

Over the last two decades, the Winns have made many happy memories in Casa, but as a family their fondest memory is “going horseback riding to the Marina before it was La Marina.” In those days much of the resort was yet to be developed, and riding was an adventure through the wilderness, with one trail leading down a hidden path to the “Punta Minitas Beach”, where the Marina now stands.

krystyna winnWhile the Winn family will continue to make beautiful memories in Casa for many more years to come, some they no doubt share with many others are of fabulous meals enjoyed in Altos de Chavón. “The restaurant Casa del Rio was fantastic and had the best views, as well as the Mexican, El Sombrero, that was great and lots of fun,” remembers Krystyna.

While sadly neither restaurant now exists, legacies of both live on. Margarito, originally part of the welcome crew at El Sombrero, continues to entertain tourists on the cobbles posing for photos and giving donkey rides. While the magnificent Casa del Rio, as well as Giacosa, has this year been re-opened as “The Club”, a fantastic restaurant and lounge with the same breath-taking view over the Chavón river.

Magical memories are made everyday in Casa, what will you do today?

This article was originally published in the 8th issue of our Casa de Campo TODO magazine.

TODO Casa de Campo, edition #8
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