McDaniel Boat Trip 1

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You wouldn’t usually associate a tennis tournament with sailing, and yet on Saturday March 14th, the McDaniel Tennis Tournament united tennis and sailing with a river boat cruise for the events generous sponsors. Rick McDaniel, founder of the McDaniel Tennis Tournament (the principal fundraising effort for the ball boys scholarship fund) every year hosts a gathering for the sponsors, but this year to mark the tournaments 10th anniversary he decided to do something extra special. And it could not have been more perfect. Setting sail from the riverside dock of the Marina Casa de Campo the more than 70 Casa de Campo villa owners and visitors enjoyed a serene cruise up the Chavón river. There is no doubt that the Chavón river is one of Casa de Campo’s most under-appreciated attractions, and with many of those in attendance having never (or at least not recently) taken the journey up the Chavón river, it was a rare treat to get to enjoy the beauty of the submerged palm trees, sheer rock cliffs cascading with vibrant green vegetation and the artistic village of Altos de Chavón perched high above. And while the stunning scenery was entertainment enough, the group was kept amused with an endless flow wine and nibbles, as well as a raffle with gifts donated from local La Romana and Casa de Campo businesses such as La Casita, Everett Designs, Limoncello, Rubiluna, KIWI, Eco Planeta Caribe and local Dominican artist Fernando Tamburini. This year the McDaniel Tennis Tournament raised over US$65,000, which will be used for ball boy scholarships, English classes, medical and dental insurance, and even to send one hard-working layer to college in the USA. The following day the 2015 edition of the McDaniel Tennis Tournament came to a close with the finals played at the La Romana Country Club [Click here for photos and the full story!] The following collection of images were taken during the 10th annual McDaniel Tennis Tournament river cruise in the Chavón river: