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Is there anything more important than health and education? When it comes to building a good life, a solid future, nothing is more valuable than good health and the opportunity to get a good education. And that is why we ask you to keep reading and learn about this year’s McDaniel Family Foundation annual fundraiser for the ball boys and players of the La Terraza Tennis Club and La Romana Country Club in Casa de Campo.

Since 2005 the McDaniel Family Foundation has been dedicated to providing assistance and support for all the Tennis Ball Boys and Working Players in Casa de Campo’s La Terraza Tennis Center and La Romana Country Club. Every year the foundation hosts a tennis tournament among the working players which helps them raise the funds needed to fund the year-round program for the boys with the following benefits:

1) Weekly English Lessons for 50 Ball Boys and Working Players.
2) Health Insurance for all Players.
3) Scholarships for the Ball Boys that includes tuition, books, school supplies, and uniforms.
4) College Tuition for outstanding graduates from our Scholarship Program. 

“I have always felt that the best way to escape poverty and secure a good job is to obtain an excellent education. This is why the Foundation’s main purpose is to teach the children English and provide them with scholarships for both high school and college. Our staff of 10 is comprised of all volunteers and 90% of all donations are used exclusively for the children’s benefit.” – Mr. Rick McDaniel. To read about last year’s successful tournament, click here.

Unfortunately, due to the unusual circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic, the Annual Tennis Tournament and social events are officially canceled. This year, the McDaniel Tennis Committee, of which Casa de Campo Living and SILGON is part, is once again hoping to raise funds to continue paying for the scholarship, health insurance, and college tuition, and this year they plan to raise enough additional funds to issue a “Special Stimulus Payment” directly to the players and ballboy’s parents to help out with basic life necessities such as food, rent, etc.

Contribution checks in dollars can be made out to McDaniel Family Foundation, and in pesos to Fundación Familia McDaniel. Any member of the McDaniel Tennis Committee will be very pleased to accept your donation, or you may drop it off at the office at the LRCC, find detailed instructions for making a donation here. To see and learn more about the foundation, visit their website by clicking here. So if YOU want to help support this cause, individual sponsors are very welcome, with suggested donations between US$150 up to US$5,000. There is also a “Corporate Sponsorship” option. For the different sponsorship options, you can contact Mr. Rick McDaniel at / (809) 951-1523, or anyone at the McDaniel Tennis Committee.

As with the Foundations usual practice, all Sponsors will be recognized on their Annual Sponsors Appreciation Banner. Whether your donation is for US$50 or US$ 5,000, rest assured that your support will be greatly appreciated by all the players, ball boys, and their respective families. 

Once again, thank you so much for your past assistance, and we hope to count on your continued generous support again this year!