Featured Image — Matilde Cigar Factory Tour

Have you ever wondered where your favorite smokes come from? I know I have. Since Matilde is my very favorite Dominican cigar, and was highly praised by cigar aficionados in 2015, I jumped at the opportunity to go on a Matilde aficionado factory tour.

The tour gives guest the ability to follow cigar production from the tobacco fields to the packaging. Their tobacco fields are located in Santo Domingo, with several plants just outside of the factory.

A very attentive and knowledgeable guide explained how tobacco is grown and which parts of the plants are used for which purposes. We walked into the preparation area where leaves are conditioned and classified. Tobacco then makes it way to the blending room where all magic happens. Every year, the tobacco plant is influenced by environmental elements, different weather conditions and soil constantly change that affect the tobacco’s characteristics. The job of a blender is to combine the tobacco for a Matilde cigar year to year to have a consistent flavor profile.

Next comes the manufacturing floor where tours witness firsthand the cigar making process: bunching, rolling, cigar aging and packaging. It’s very fascinating since all Matilde cigars are handmade and only natural ingredients are used, including a very special glue made purely from vegetable starch. It has no odor or flavor, so we are able to still enjoy the pure flavor of the cigar.

Matilde Aficionado Cigar Factory Tour is a great way to learn more about your favorite smokes. Products can be purchased right there at the Cigar Country Stores shop where attentive personnel will help you find the perfect cigar for you and all kinds of accessories!

Check out all of our great photos from the tour: 

Matilde Aficionado Cigar Factory Tour Where: Entrance trough Cigar Country Stores, Boca Chavón Exit, Autopista del Coral Price: US$5 per person Availability:
  • Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm
  • Saturday, 8am to 12pm
  • Closed on Sundays

To book a tour: Call (849) 214-4000 or visit Cigar Country Tours online.