Matilde Cigars

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Matilde Cigars

With Jose Seijas’s new line of high-end Matilde Cigars, buying a box might also mean buying a future for several children. Ruben E. González co-founder of La Flor Dominicana Factory Tour & Cigar Megastore in La Estancia recently came to us here at Casa de Campo Living, asking us to bring a very special cause to light. In cooperation with Matilde Cigars, a classic Dominican brand being brought back to life by legendary cigar maker Jose Seijas, and the DREAM Project, an amazing organization that works to bring education to impoverished young children in the Dominican Republic, you (yes, you!) can help make this DREAM a reality.

What dream, you might ask? Well, the dream in this case is to build montessori classrooms all over the country, to help bring a better primary school education to children across the nation as part of the DREAM Project’s goals.

Montessori Classroom

One of the DREAM Project’s Montessori Classrooms

So how can we help? Click here and you’ll go to the Matilde cigars project’s page on CrowdRise where you can donate. If you make a donation of $250 USD and send the confirmation receipt of your donation to, you’ll be sent a limited edition box of Matilde Renacer Corona cigars, signed by the master himself, Jose Seijas.

The Matilde Renacer Corona Cigar was recently honored to receive a 91 score in Cigar Aficionado Magazine, placing it among the top Corona cigars in the world. Jose Seijas had this to say about his revival of the Matilde cigars brand:

jose sejias

“I am passionate about smoking cigars and have dedicated 40 years of my life to the cigar industry. I am now tapping into my deep roots in the Dominican Republic to revive a forgotten brand called Matilde.

Tabacalera la Matilde is a unique cigar factory where I am free to make cigars in my own way. I lead a small team focused exclusively on bringing you the best cigar experience in the world. Matilde is the satisfaction of my life’s dream. It is my great pleasure to share it with you.

— Jose Seijas, 2014

So if you want one of the world’s best Corona cigars, crafted and signed by a modern cigar crafting legend, or perhaps just want to help a good cause and have a great gift for a friend, please click here and donate to this amazing cause.