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For those of us who grew up in the Americas, a “concierge” is a person that provides information and coordination services, usually in a hotel. I recently caught up with Caroline Muller, who lives in Casa de Campo and dedicates herself to being a Master Concierge. This fabulous French lady let me know that the European definition of a concierge is quite different and can be defined a bit more as a personal assistant or fine butler. I was intrigued and happy to know she provides her services for the Casa de Campo community. So in addition to inviting you to a complimentary proper manners and basic etiquette refresher course THIS SUNDAY at 3pm at Café de Paris in Altos de Chavón, within this article we share more information about what her Master Concierge services are all about!

Making people happy is at the heart of her work

Caroline has lived in the Dominican Republic for some years now, and recently moved to Casa de Campo after realizing that this was the perfect place to settle down and provide her expert Concierge Services. You see, Caroline started off working in Public Relations and Communications before studying Hospitality in Paris. She went on to work in Parisian hotels and provided Event Planning services within the hotel industry. She soon discovered that making people happy was her passion and that providing personal assistance was a great way to do so. One of her mottos is “whatever you want, wherever you want it… it’s all possible” and it describes pretty well what she does. Picture having an incredibly smart person available to tend to your needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – who can be your personal shopper, private assistant, etiquette coach, personal traveler and personal planner all at once – all the while providing absolute discretion and privacy. NOW THAT IS A CONCIERGE!

Caroline Muller and guests

Have a To Do List?… consider it done!

Whatever you want, wherever you want, it’s all possible. Have a To Do List of things you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do? A concierge will do it for you! After hearing some of her stories traveling and assisting families and business people in France, Dubai, South Hampton, Ireland and Russia I came to understand that Caroline is a master problem solver in the most complete sense of the word and I’m quite positive many Casa de Campo families would find her unique services to be extremely helpful.

So how exactly can a concierge help you?

Above all, Caroline is an expert in etiquette and protocol who can start by teaching you and your staff some basic or advanced etiquette tips. She can be your personal etiquette coach, prepare you for hosting cocktails and dinners, or even train your home staff!


Good manners and proper etiquette are learned at a young age with family and friends as teachers. Some of us were even forced to take courses for it! Most likely, after that, you go on applying what you learned without really thinking about it. But things change and etiquette changes as well. Have you thought about what proper etiquette is with cell phone use? Is it ok to put it on top of the table during a lunch meeting or should you keep it in your pocket or bag? Etiquette evolves and Caroline will be helping us with some complimentary “refresher courses” during the next few months.

Caroline Muller left

Basic etiquette and proper manners course this SUNDAY!

Caroline and Casa de Campo Living invite you to attend a basic etiquette and proper manners “refresher course” this SUNDAY at 3:00pm at Café de Paris in Altos de Chavón. It will be an informal get together with Caroline and it promises to be quite fun! Hope to see you all there!

Basic Etiquette and Proper Manners Refresher Course

When: Sunday, October 25th, 3:00pm

Where: Café de Paris, Altos de Chavón

Caroline Muller

Luxury Concierge and Tailor Made Assistance

(809) 431-1639,,

Master Concierge