A cooking exhibit with Mamma Egi Maccioni at Dueños 2013

Mamma Egi Maccioni

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Mamma Egi MaccioniThe cooking exhibit held by Mamma Egi (Maccioni) last Saturday the 23rd of November, as part of the Dueños 2013 celebration was outstanding, quiet the treat for the Casa de Campo Dueños in attendance. 

Mamma Egi MaccioniThe cooking exhibit was held at the La Caña by Il Circo restaurant at the heart of the Casa de Campo hotel, one of the two Casa de Campo restaurants ran by the Maccioni family, the other being the Beach Club by Le Cirque at Minitas Beach.

With Chef Massimo Caretta, the maître d’ at the the Beach Club by Le Cirque, acting as sous chef, Mamma Egi revealed all the delicious secrets behind some of her most famous tuscan recipes.

Starting with the famous Mamma Egi Ravioli, Egidiana taught us all how to prepare home-made pasta, the sauce, the raviolis, and cook it all to perfection, with a live demonstration, following which to our surprise and delight, mini-samples of the dish were served for us all to try. An absolute delight!

Mamma Egi Maccioni ravioli

Next up was the Seafood pasta, followed by the even more famous Crème brulée. Did you know that Mamma Egi actually invented the Creme Brûlée? At the beginning of their restauranteur career, Mamma Egi tasted a fantastic dish in Spain – the Crema Catalana… after which she modified the recipe to make it even more delicious and ta-da the Crème brulée was born. And that is why the Crème brulée is a signature dish at all the Maccioni restaurants across the world.

We loved seeing all these dishes being created right before our very eyes, and learning so many pearls of wisdom from a great chef and restauranteur. A really outstanding addition to the Dueños celebration, we hope it will be repeated again next year! 


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