Make your own detox tonic

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Make your own detox tonic

We are still in a Detox mode after the Community Detox just a few weeks ago. And since we’ve talked a lot about detox, now it’s time for to share with you a very simple way to detox: a Detox Tonic that is all natural and rich in benefits.

Kyra Montagu, Director of the Casa de Campo Spa and of Ki-Ra Holistic Living, has shared this awesome recipe to help us detox regularly. While the concoction may sound a bit strange, it’s actually really good and simple to put together.

We encourage you to give it a try. This was the same Detox Tonic I tried during my Detox afternoon at the Casa de Campo Spa a few months ago.

Aloe Punch


  • 2 inches of peeled aloe
  • A small piece of ginger
  • 1/2 lemon juice
  • A spoon of honey

After gathering all this ingredients, all you have to do is put them all in a blender and, when done, pour it into a shot glass. You should take this in the morning before eating anything else, and do it daily for up to 3 months. It should not be taken while menstruating.

This beverage detoxes blood, liver, and helps boost metabolism. It also balances all doshas (the three fundamental bodily humors according to Ayurveda) – which is why it’s a extremely good option for detoxing.

Give it a whirl and let us know how you like it!