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10 reasons to love January in Casa de Campo

Minitas Beach, Casa de Campo

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Minitas Beach, Casa de Campo

I love January in Casa de Campo, and not least because it’s my birthday month! Here are our top 10 reasons to love January in Casa de Campo.

1. The cool weather continues

In late November the “brisa navideña” (that’s the “Christmas breeze”) starts to blow and with it comes much cooler weather – at least by Caribbean standards. And in January that beautiful cool weather continues, meaning that days are not so sweltering and the nights almost border on chilly.

2. Fewer events

After the madness of “The Season” between the 26th of December and the 1st of January, with parties and events every night, January is all together much less hectic, and much more chilled. The main event on the calendar for this month is the Magical Splendor gala and fashion show by the Fundación MIR – so save the date for Saturday January 17th, and click here to find our more. 

3. The tourists have gone home

Now while this isn’t 100% true, there is certainly much fewer tourists in Casa de Campo in January than in December. And why is this a good thing? Sure we enjoy the buzz, the energetic vibe, the non-stop parties, dinners and daytime drinking at the pool, beach, on the boat… but there is something to be said for enjoying paradise in peace.

[Just to clarify… We absolutely LOVE our visitors and wish them to come more often, this is simply a reflection on being happy to have a break from the non-stop events we enjoy when the resort is full! Let’s put it this way, you know the hashtag “ilivewhereyouvacation”, well for us it’s “iworkwhereyouvacation” and during Christmas we locals balance partying and working – and while we LOVE having all our visitors around (hence the partying) – add in the working part and by January we need a rest!]

4. It doesn’t rain

OK so that’s a bit of a blanket statement… so more accurately “it doesn’t rain much”, because it really doesn’t. The weather in January is characterised by sunny days, cool nights and not much rain. Doesn’t get better than that!

5. Sunsets

Everyone talks about how beautiful sunsets are in December, but sunsets are also stunning in January! To enjoy the most beautiful Casa the Campo sunset take a stroll up the Paseo del Mar in the Marina Casa de Campo and watch from the lighthouse, or head over to hole 8 of the Teeth of the Dog.

Sunset, Marina Casa de Campo

6. 4 national holidays = 4 days off work!

You’ve got to love a month that includes not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 national holidays – that’s absolute madness! January 1st is of course a national holiday and then the fun continues with 3 Kings Day on the 6th (this year moved to the 5th to create a long weekend) and then finally there’s Día de la Altagracia on January 21st and the anniversary of the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte (the founding father of the Dominican Republic) on January 26th. And this year because all 4 of these National Holidays fall during the week – that’s a grand total of 4 days off work!

Click here to read all about the Dominican National Holidays in 2015.

7. Days start to get longer again

Winter in the Dominican Republic is characterized by cooler weather, but also by shorter days. The shortest day of the year falls in December and is just 11.01 hours long… but that means once January arrives the days start to get longer again!

8. The whales start to arrive

hump back whale

Now don’t get too excited… We don’t get whales rocking up to Casa de Campo, and although they are very occasionally spotted in the surrounding area, (like the Orca whale recently seen off the coast of Saona Island – click here for the video), thousands of Humpback whales arrive to the bay of Samana between January 15th and

While Samana isn’t exactly on our doorstep – it’s not so far away, less than a 4 hour drive, or of course a quick ride by helicopter and a trip to see the whales for the weekend, is something great to do on an adventure beyond Casa!

Click here to read all about whale season in Samana. 

9. It’s not snowing

Obvious I know… but when you think that January seems to be the coldest, most miserable month of the entire year in North America and Europe – just knowing that it’s snowing elsewhere, makes enjoying the glorious sunshine and the warmth here all the more sweet!

10. It’s that start of a new year

Everyone loves the start of a new year! A new chance to make a change in your life – but forget New Year’s Resolutions that are destined to fail – this year I’m trying “30 day challenges” starting off the my “30 day daily exercise challenge” – click here to read all about that. 

11. It’s my birthday month

January 28th. I think I mentioned that already 😉

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