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There is an old saying that goes, All good things must come to an end,” and this was the case for this historic adventure, but not so for the new journeys this group will surely take together in the future. Their passion for adventure, activity, and discovery has united them and we are positive this won’t be the last we hear of their exciting travels.

This crazy adventure began on April 20th when a group of passionate people, Umberto Pitzalis, owner of One Way Bike, met up with a group of cyclists, including Xioma Menendez, Sandra Alvarado, Carolina Avila, Gabriel Pinto, Carlos Javier Dominguez and others who had flown in from Miami, travelled from Santiago, Constanza, Santo Domingo, and of course La Romana to Montecristi to start the journey that would take them biking and trekking at times in a Jeep through the Dominican-Haitian border. This group of wonderful people are pioneers, making history as they went on!

Day 3, April 22nd, began at Valle Hondo and moved down to Lake Enriquillo, passing Jimani and ending this phase in El Limon. A climb of more than 25 km took them to the first stop where they shared some time with guards of the Armed Forces!

When they continued on their journey, they encountered yet another issue of getting stuck in the mud that cost them several hours. Many of the men in the group were surprised by the incredible capability displayed by the women in the group (Carolina, Xiomara, Sandra, Rosario) in face this unexpected adversity. They were able to free the jeep but had to leave part of it behind…meaning the bumper! After overcoming this obstacle, they arrived at Lago Enriquillo where they found a small pool” and were able to wash their fatigue away and recover.

Best of all is that this experience surpassed all expectations in regards to physical endurance, amazing scenery, and the diversity of climates and terrain. From forests to dry land, to humid and wet trails, from elevating to over 1,000 meters high to interacting with so many humble and sincere people, all of it was an unbelievable journey and one that will always be cherished. See the video below of everything that happened during the journey with Locos Sin Fronteras, and we are sure this is not the last we’ll hear of them!

Xioma – La Romana

“There is nothing better in life than being in harmony with NATURE, surrounded by EXTRAORDINARY people whose only fear is to FEEL NOTHING, – Locos Sin Fronteras is the perfect name, because thank God we are not normal and Sin Fronteras because nothing stops us but mostly because NOTHING separates us and suddenly everything becomes high definition and you are able to FEEL it in every cell of your body… And you can blame the adrenaline but more than anything it is the desire to LIVE that opens the heart and allows us to fully surrender to the ADVENTURE to experience LIFE where you can feel the LOVE and you can SEE the soul of it all, here we are all ALIVE and you realize that we are ONE, one with the earth, with each other. THANK YOU Umberto for opening this door, and letting us be part of your dreams!!!”

Viajar Viajar irse

Viajar de viajar irse de los viajes de viajes

Irse viajar nunca se detiene

Kilómetros que bajo su trasero y desaparecen los problemas

Viajar, todos los rincones de la tierra

Estar persiguiendo después de la guerra está en su corazón

Correr más rápido que el dolor

Al igual que un avión supersónico precede su propio ruido

Y asegúrese de que usted nunca se alcanzará

Viajar por conducir un coche destartalado

Que por cada kilómetro de una manera más glorifica al Padre

Y hacer una llamada telefónica a su madre, decir bien

Volveré para la Navidad

Viajar a partir de agosto después de agosto …

De distanciarse  un poco de “las responsabilidades”

Al igual que una grieta en un barco que tarde o temprano se abrirá

Será tal vez demasiado tarde para remediar

A partir del viaje que no se olvide

Fotografiando el mundo en movimiento

Buscar el sentido de la vida a la vez, pero quién sabe dónde, quién sabe cuándo

Iniciar y vivir sin mirar y el baile

De los diferentes ritmos de diferentes acentos

Bailando las diferencias horarias y sobre el cambio climático

Subir a la parte más altas  y luego hacia el valle

Un diez por ciento de mil millas

Nada por el equipaje y el mundo para la familia

Comer las cocinas de los países más lejanos

Con el tenedor con palillos junto con las manos

Los países más distantes, pero lejos de ser tan lejos de lo que lejos de donde?

Con raíces en su corazón y las sucursales en otros lugares

Comenzando con el sol siempre en la cara a toda horas

Agosto después de agosto …

Los viajes de Marco Polo, la sensación de sentirse muy solo

A veces, en un tren

Dentro de un compartimiento lleno de caras que no sé, no sé

Fronteras de la soledad que nunca van a caer,

Pequeña charlas en idiomas que no se

Comunicarse con una simple sonrisa o un gesto solamente

Descubrirse Marco Polo y no sentirse solo entre humanos

Agitar millones de manos en cada lugar

Agosto después de agosto …

Viaja a través del sonido, bueno, por un trueno

Viajando a través de la música, a través de la cultura

El descubrimiento de la naturaleza !

Viajes por Internet o a través de un burro o en bicicleta o a pie

Yo creo en el cambio

Y en el movimiento que se mantiene firme en el sitio

Agosto después de agosto …después de agosto

– Anonymous

Locos sin Fronteras: A historic bike ride across the border (Part 2)

Locos sin Fronteras, this is the name of this amazing group that embarked on a wonderful journey. Some might call them crazy for doing it, but for me I believe it is remarkable and hope to one day also do something like this. What’s a better way to discover different areas of your country than surrounded by friends who share your same passion?

Casa de Campo’s own lead a historic bike ride across the border (Part 1)

What happens when put together a group of biking enthusiasts from Casa de Campo and the ambitious idea of biking down the Dominican-Haitian border? History is made! While Casa’s beautiful surroundings, views, and open spaces make for spectacular rides, the Dominican Republic’s landscape in general is one you have to see to believe.