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What happens when put together a group of biking enthusiasts from Casa de Campo and the ambitious idea of biking down the Dominican-Haitian border? History is made! While Casa’s beautiful surroundings, views, and open spaces make for spectacular rides, the Dominican Republic’s landscape in general is one you have to see to believe. In a three-part series of articles we will be publishing over the next several days, we fill you in on the details, photos, testimonials and video of the group’s journey a few weeks ago. The journey began on April 20th, when Umberto Pitzalis, owner of One Way Bike, met up with a group of bike riders, including Xioma Menendez, Sandra Alvarado, Carolina Avila, Gabriel Pinto, Carlos Javier Dominguez and others who had flewn in from Miami, Santiago, Constanza, Santo Domingo, and of course La Romana to Montecristi to start the journey that would take them riding on bikes and a jeep from that town to Pedernales through the Dominican-Haitian border. They were the first group of bike riders to embark on this trip making history! The group road on the Carretera Internacional (International Highway) and other roads and paths going across the border over 10 times and biking along the Haitian territory.


7 Jeeps, 17 people, 11 cyclists, 2 guards. Within the group there were various parts of the country, nationalities, professions, and ages but all had something in common; passion for adventure, passion to exploring the country, passion for mountain biking, passion for making new friends and being healthy. At Montecristi they enjoyed the popular tourist spot el Morro, the beaches and the impressive Montecristi sunsets.

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Bike church

The journey began on Thursday April 21st, going up the Cordillera Central where they experienced a change in temperature due to the height. They reached the province of Dajabon in the frontier with Haiti, and continued onto Restauración one of the largest cities of the province.  They spent the night in at an ecotourism site, where they cooked their own meals, and slept in tents. During the afternoon they toured the area and pedaled to Haiti, where they visited churches, houses, and even a disco!  

And since that is only a recount of the first day of adventure, we encourage you to stay tuned for tomorrow’s recap of the second day. In the meantime, read below some of the group members’ testimonials of the historic adventure.

Juan Pablo  (Colombian)

bike Juan Pablo

An unforgettable trip. This adventure brought to my life great friends and gave me the opportunity to share with them wonderful places. An experience like few, with a guide like no other. Thanks Umberto! “

Mayo (Santiago de los Caballeros)

bike Mayobanex

“I had never gone through the Carretera Internacional and I found it fascinating, the contrast between the vegetation on both sides of the border gives a mystical touch to this experience as one enters and leaves the two countries. To practice MTB in this area offers various scenarios ranging from flat surfaces, steep slopes, incredible descents and best of all, extreme mountain ports, where in a few kilometers you can go from 300msnm to 2000msnm. Undoubtedly it is a land of dramatic contrasts, the humbleness of its inhabitants is proportional to its hospitality, it is completely different from what I had thought and after visiting these beautiful places it has changed my point of view. Undoubtedly the fact of making this journey with people who value friendship as one of their most precious assets, positively influenced me when it comes to evaluating our adventure, overcoming the problems that proved less difficult because every time we felt supported by the others, this is why all the participants of this crazy-adventure now are a part of my dearest friends.”

Rosario (Constanza)

rosario bike

Freedom is so precious, but the freedom that riding a bike gives you is indescribable, you can feel the breeze in your face, the sun bathing you, the chirping of birds and the rustle of the tires on the pavement. It allows you to feel free freedom while on a bike.”

Carlos – La Romana

Bike Carlos

“This expedition was an unforgettable experience!! Our smiles reveal how much fun we had at all times, and how our hearts were united in a single heartbeat during those five days.”

Locos sin Fronteras: A historic bike ride across the border (Part 2)

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Locos sin Fronteras, this is the name of this amazing group that embarked on a wonderful journey. Some might call them crazy for doing it, but for me I believe it is remarkable and hope to one day also do something like this. What’s a better way to discover different areas of your country than surrounded by friends who share your same passion?

Locos sin Fronteras: A historic bike ride across the border (Part 3)

Featured Image Bike Ride Part 3

There is an old saying that goes, All good things must come to an end,” and this was the case for this historic adventure, but not so for the new journeys this group will surely take together in the future. Their passion for adventure, activity, and discovery has united them and we are positive this won’t be the last we hear of their exciting travels.