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Yet another win for Lechuza! Four in a row!

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Semana Santa Polo Match

Last Saturday March 26, 2016, the 26-goal Caribbean Open came to an end and Lechuza, once again, stood victorious. Weighted under another trophy, the team excitedly stood for pictures after a 10-6 final score.

Lechuza — Semana Santa Polo Match

Playing underneath a blanket of dark clouds, we wondered if the sky would open, but it held back and we were able to appreciate all the joy the day had to bring. The children of the Fundación MIR opened with a beautiful parade, and while waving large, bright Dominican flags along with their school flag sang the national anthem. Come April 1st, they will have a tour of their schools where you can learn more of their background and see their daily commitment to providing for the children of La Romana. Remember to RSVP!  Fundación MIR led the first throw in the final polo match with Los Establos.

Dominican Flag — Semana Santa Polo Match

Both teams looked very strong before the game; however, it was the teamwork of La Dolfina that thrust Lechuza ahead early on. Los Establos were unable to score for almost three chukkers until the Toccalino brothers broke through, each earning a goal and bringing the score up to 7-2. In the fourth chukker, Stirling took a fall but quickly recovered and rejoined the ranks, leading his team to 10 goals with Juan Martin Nero.

Santiago Toccalino was named MVP by JW Marriot, and the Best Playing Pony Maserati RD award went to Siena, owned by Victor Vargas. Commentators Ebe Sievwright and Fernando Arata were recognized by Nespresso, while the referees by Ron Matusalem.

Dancing — Semana Santa Polo Match

The Casa de Campo community looked cheerful as always, donning cool mint greens and teal appropriate for the Easter holiday and lovely shades of cream and rose. They mingled among friends recapping highlights of their Semana Santa during the After Polo Grey Goose party with music by Inhouse Band. We look forward to the next match as the Caribbean Open 14 goal tournament continues tomorrow, Tuesday, March 29th.

The following collection of photos were taken by Alejandro Heredia on Saturday, March 26th, at the Caribbean Open “Dominican Crown” finals in Casa de Campo: 

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