Latin Bites

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Latin Bites

There’s always a reason to celebrate, get together with friends and family and enjoy a wonderful time together. It’s even better when there’s food in the equation! Today we bring you a new catering service right here in Casa de Campo, by two of our very own community members. If you want to try new flavors, Latin Bites Mexican and Colombian Fusion by Ruth Lahoz and Andrea López is exactly what you need!

Latin Bites OwnersLatin Bites is owned and operated by Ruth Lahoz, who’s from Mexico and is married to Pedro José Lahoz, and Andrea López, from Colombia. Ruth has lived in the Dominican Republic for 18 years now, and Andrea has been in Casa de Campo for 6 years. It’s a fusion of both cultures, Mexican and Colombian, where they each came up with traditional dishes they could integrate into their menu and the result is definitely something worth trying! 

Since its home-based, they do the cooking at home and offer delivery, which is always a huge bonus! You can also pick it up yourself as take-out. They have the option of frozen finger-foods too, which is very practical since you can buy and store them in your fridge to fry up at any given time when you’re ready.

Latin Bites

Latin Bites, Mexican and Columbian Fusion, is perfect for get togethers, birthdays, casual meetings, parties, or when you simply don’t feel like cooking and still want your family to have a delicious dinner. They have quickly gained popularity first within their circle of friends, and thanks to their awesome reviews, more and more people have gotten to know them! Such is the case for Carla Campos who recently ordered from them; see her comments here:

I love hosting people at home, and am one to come up with an impromptu party any day of the week. I also work during the day so I have no time to prep my house and food before people come over which means… I have to get really creative most times! Yesterday, was one of those days that a few friends and I coordinated a get-together for a last minute gathering at my place. The plan was to get at home mani-pedis while drinking wine and EATING.

How was I going to feed my 8 friends with an empty fridge, no time to shop or prep anything? So I called up my friends Andrea and Ruth from Latin Bites to ask for HELP! After quickly browsing their menu I ordered 20 arepas and a few fillings for everyone to stuff their own arepas. After work I stopped by Ruth’s place, picked up my bag of goodies and off I went to quickly tidy up my apartment before my friends got there! Within 15 minutes I had food, wine and a tidy house. Like clockwork my friends rang the doorbell and the mani-pedi party started. As I unpacked the goodies I saw the cutest and most convenient packaging and everything freshly made. My friends were thrilled to try something different and even helped to flip the frozen arepas on the stove as I laid out the stuffings on the table in the same cute containers they came in. Not only was everything cute, it was DELICIOUS and everyone RAVED about how good it was and couldn’t stop asking where I had picked up everything. Oh… I also had plenty of leftovers for breakfast! Ruth and Andrea, rest assured you have 8 new clients who will be calling you at any minute to place their orders. THANKS FOR SAVING THE DAY! – Carla Campos

Latin Bites

So what are you waiting for? Call Latin Bites and give them a try! You won’t regret it! To further encourage you see below a gallery with pictures taken by Lauren Llenas and Carla’s own from her social gathering:

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Latin Bites Mexican and Colombian Fusion

Latin Bites logoBy: Ruth Lahoz and Andrea López Delivery available! Phone number: 809-753-1295 and 829-619-5786 Email: Social Media: Latin Bites Instagram; Latin Bites Facebook