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La Extraña, the first movie to be filmed almost entirely within the Casa de Campo resort is currently showing in the Marina Casa de Campo, but today (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday) this week is your last chance to see it here!

Now that the Marina Casa de Campo cinema has prolonged the showing of La Extraña is your chance to see (or see again) this outstanding movie… La Extraña will be here at the Marina Casa de Campo until Wednesday May 28th- so take advantage of this huge opportunity!

We got the privilege of seeing La Extraña on Friday May 9th, when it premiered in the Marina Casa de Campo, and I cannot emphasise enough how good it is. [Click here for our photos and coverage of the premier and after-party.]

So here are my top 5 reasons why you should go see La Extraña tonight (or tomorrow) here in the Marina Casa de Campo.

1. It’s a great movie. The plot, the acting, the scenery, everything is excellent. And you will never guess the ending!

2. This movie was shot in Casa de Campo, which means that you can identify and enjoy every scene in a way you have never appreciated in a movie before. The thrill you get seeing the place you call home, or even vacation home, in all her beautiful glory on the big screen, is awesome. And you’ll live seeing the story unfold within a scenario of events that you yourself have probably lived during a long weekend in Casa de Campo.

3. This movie was produced by members of the Casa de Campo community.

4.  Nothing else happening. Seriously, enjoy a temporary dip on events and socialising and hit the movie theater and enjoy (or re-enjoy) this fantastic flick!

5. The ending. What a shocker! Seriously you’ll never guess what is about to unfold!

La Extraña is now showing at the Marina Casa de Campo cinema at 7:30pm and 9:25pm. But remember tonight and tomorrow are your last chance to see it! And now you have the whole week to enjoy it!