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Tomorrow, November 9th, La Piazzetta will host an introductory wine tasting with Il Borro. The event will take place on the beautiful and cozy terrace of La Piazzetta; it will certainly be the perfect pre-weekend wind-down activity and prelude to the last gastronomy event of Flavors of the World featuring New York.

What exactly is a wine tasting? So for those who might not know… Wine tastings, in simple terms, are events designed to give enthusiasts the opportunity to sample a range of wines, in this case, Il Borro. They can be rather formal where the guests will examine its appearance, the aroma of the wine “in glass,” the sensations it gives while “in mouth” and to finalize its aftertaste. Or more casual, like a party, involving a much less analytical process where in the end it’s more a personal appreciation of the wine.

In 1993, Ferruccio Ferragamo – yes owners of the Salvatore Ferragamo shoe, purses, glasses, etc. brand – acquired IL Borro which is located in the center of La Toscana, one of the wonderful regions that Italy has. It is not a winery, nor a farm, but a village surrounded by grapes and olives! It is a Ralais Chateau, with vineyards, spa, and more than 1,000 years of history. It is definitely a “Place like no other,” just like their website states!

Tomorrow you will be able to meet the wineries export manager, Mr. Francesco Pineider and learn more about the brand as well as enjoy a delicious menu carefully designed by La Piazzetta to go perfectly with the wine selection of the night. The cost of the event is $150 and to make your reservations you can contact Concierge.  A great selection of wine awaits so do not miss the opportunity to go!

Il Borro Wine Tasting and Pairing at La Piazzetta

When: Thursday, November 9th, from 7:00 p.m.

Where: La Piazzetta Terrace, Altos de Chavón

Cost: US$ 150.00

Make your reservations by calling the Casa de Campo concierge at 809.523.3165

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