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Having lived in La Romana/Casa de Campo for more than 2 years, it is rather embarassing that I have tried relatively few restaurants, I have my favourites and I go to those often (Dom Ham, Chinois, Rico Bistro and the Beach Club by Le Cirque) and so to celebrate our 2 year anniversary, Philip chose to take me to La Casita (La Romana) and it was lovely – its a great shame I hadn’t tried it before!

In this post we bring you a ‘mini-review’, as it was our anniversary our focus was not reviewing the place, but I enjoyed it so much I decided I would like to share the experience with you!

Even from the outside La Casita looks special and inside it’s hard to believe you’re in La Romana – although I’ve never been to Italy, the ambience and decor are certainly what I expect a traditional Italian restaurant might look like.

The food was great, I enjoyed everything – although we didn’t try a huge range (the champagne got in the way of that), all that we did try we liked. The flavors were good, the presentation was nice and everything was cooked well – especially the pasta which is extremely important to my half-Italian and food/pasta-loving boyfriend!

The Food – the following are photos of the dishes we ate! We apologise for lower-than-normal quality of photography, again the champagne may have blurred the quality!

Bread+oil+parmesan cheese – the best way to start any meal, especially because at La Casita this is NOT something you have to pay for!

Croquettas – crispy on the outside, smooth and creamy on the inside, just as they should be!

Spicy Italian Sausage served with toasted bread – great sausage, served with good bread and a nice sauce!

Spaghetti Matriciana – perfectly cooked, delicious. Thumbs up! 

Beef Mignon with mushroom sauce – really excellent, the meat was tasty and tender and cooked exactly as we had ordered.


As it was our special day and we were just so happy to be celebrating our 2nd anniversary together, I’m sure we would have enjoyed ourselves at any restaurant, but we would like to say thanks to La Casita for helping make it even more enjoyable!

Photos: Again I would like to apologise for the quality of the photos – the food was fantastic and I’m afraid my photos really don’t do it justice! I recommend you try La Casita and find out for yourselves!

La Casita
Calle Francisco Richiez,
La Romana
809 556 5932