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The Summer edition of our sister publication, CasaLife Magazine is out and we have loved all your positive comments and feedback! We have also seen a lot of you at La Cantina at Altos de Chavón and don’t doubt you have been trying some of the dishes we shared with you on our exclusive “Food in Casa” review. If you still have not flipped through the magazine, take a look at the featured review, first published in CasaLife.

If looking for well-crafted and authentic Dominican and Caribbean cuisine in a spectacular setting, La Cantina—with the best view of the Plaza Chavón—is the place to go. Tucked under a wooden pergola and a cobbled archway, this Latin Bistro’s use of freshly picked and local ingredients makes it popular among residents and visitors alike. Although specialty menus with international staples are seasonally offered, La Cantina is renowned for its mofongo, sancocho and seafood ceviche.

Grilled Bourbon Skirt Steak

The grill at La Cantina is well known for its signature skirt steak marinated in Bourbon whiskey and spices, and served on a bed of freshly mashed yuca.

Grilled Bourbon Skirt Steak La Cantina Tasting CasaLife

Fish Ceviche

Rated by many as Casa de Campo’s best ceviche, this citrus cured seafood dish is as beautiful to the sight and it is to the taste. Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and cilantro pair with citrus juices to marinade only the freshest seafood of the day.

Fish Cevihe Skirt Steak La Cantina Tasting CasaLife

Sticky Ribs

With a ginger and tamarind lacquer, the taste of the Caribbean shines through in every bite of these irresistibly tender Saint Louis Style sticky ribs.

Sticky Ribs Skirt Steak La Cantina Tasting CasaLife

Lemongrass and Ginger Infused Salmon

A thick salmon fillet is dressed simply with hints of ginger and lemongrass and accompanied with petite roasted potatoes and vegetables of your choice. This dish is a treat for those wanting to indulge in something simple, fresh and perfectly balanced.

Lemongrass and Ginger Infused Salmon La Cantina Tasting CasaLife

Rainbow Roll

Available in the afternoons at La Cantina, the sushi menu has become a local favorite with fresh and quality seafood at the center of it all. This cucumber, crabmeat and avocado roll topped with thin sashimi and avocado slices is perfectly prepared for enthusiasts of this Japanese staple.

Rainbow Roll La Cantina Tasting CasaLife


La Cantina is the only restaurant in Casa de Campo featuring authentic Dominican cuisine as a centerpiece for its menu. The ultimate comfort food of the Dominican kitchen is Sancocho, a meat and vegetable stew served with rice and avocado.

Sancocho La Cantina Tasting CasaLife

Photography by Lauren Llenas.

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