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The best month of live music with La Caña

La Caña

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Oh what a year it’s been! As time flies throughout the resort with many events already passed and more upcoming, La Caña Bar & Restaurant reminds you to enjoy the present. After all, like many things at Christmastime, it is a gift! The schedule below details their complete live music schedule for the month of December:

Monday 4th

Daniel y Piano, 8-11 pm

Tuesday 5th

Johan Delgado, 8 -11 pm

Wednesday 6th

Duo Dos en la Viva, 8-11 pm

Thursday 7th

Duo Tavarez, 8-11 pm

Friday 8th

Trio Chocolate, 8-11 pm

Saturday 9th

Quinteto Bailable, 9-12 am

Sunday 10th

Trio Tavarez, 8-11 pm

Monday 11th

Daniel y Piano, 8-11 pm

Tuesday 12th

Trio Chocolate, 8-11 pm

Wednesday 13th

Duo Dos en la Via, 8-11 pm

Thursday 14th

Trio Delgado, 8-11 pm

Friday 15th

Cuarteto Vienna, 8-11 pm

Saturday 16th

Quinteto Bailable, 9-12 am

Sunday 17th

Khris Joe, 8-11 pm

Monday 18th

Trio Delgado, 9-12 am

Tuesday 19th

Grupo de los Cuidadanos, 8-11 pm

Wednesday 20th

Quinteto Bailable, 8-11 pm

Thursday 21st

Quinteto Latino, 8-11 pm

Friday 22nd

Son en Casa, 8-11 pm

Saturday 23rd

Trio Chocolate, 9-12 am

Sunday 24th

Cuarteto Tavarez, 8-11 pm

Monday 25th

Fusion Tropical, 8-11 am

Tuesday 26th

Trio Chocolate, 8-11 pm

Wednesday 27th 

Duo Dos en la Via, 8-11 pm

Thursday 28th

Cuarteto Vienna, 8-11 pm

Friday 29th

La Gran Banda Tropical, 8-11 pm

Saturday 30th

Quinteto Bailable, 9-12 am

Sunday 31st

Grupos los Cuidadanos, 8-1 am


Lunch: 12pm – 4pm

Dinner: 6pm – 11pm

Bar: 9am – 1am

Tel: (809) 523-3000

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