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rachel white artOn Thursday March the 8th, the quaint artistic village of Altos de Chavón buzzed with cultural and artistic activities – first of all the community gathered to enjoy a speech by Dr.Charles Beeker at the Altos de Chavón regional museum of archeology Captain Kidd shipwreck and then celebrated the opening of new art exhibit “La acción del caballo de Polo” by Rachel White at the Altos de Chavón art gallery. rachel women with engines“La acción del caballo de Polo” or in English “The movement of the polo pony” is a stunning representation of the power, beauty and sheer might of the horse created by American artist, Rachel White, whose art work is characterized by displays of power. Before creating “La acción del caballo de Polo”, some of White’s previous work featured powerful women carrying heavy and large machinery – a series she named “WOMEN WITH ENGINES.” The virtually life-size sketches of the polo ponies (some over 2 meters wide and 1.5 meters tall) are as impressively life-like as they are life-size, in many cases giving the impression that the animals are quiet literally stampeding out of the canvas and into the art gallery. rachel white art The more than 50 Casa de Campo villa owners, residents and art aficionados who attended the opening enjoyed a cocktail reception, whilst they admired the impressive black and white sketches and took the opportunity to talk to the artist Rachel about her inspiration. Here you can enjoy a selection of our photos taken during the exhibit:  “La acción del caballo de Polo” closes soon – on Monday April the 9th, so if you have not yet had the chance to take a look we strongly recommend that you do!! We also recommend that you visit on a Monday, so that you can enjoy the “Dominican Extravaganza” (live music, dancing, a carnaval parade and the Kandela! show), which takes place in the main Altos de Chavón area from about 4pm (click here for photos and more info!) And after all that excitement, the very best place to relax with a cocktail and a bite to eat is Gino in Trastevere – the food is excellent and the view from the outside terrace is spectacular (click here to read more about Gino’s!)
“La acción del caballo de polo” art exhibit When: Open March 8 – April 9 Opening Times: 9am – 6pm (daily) but closed Tuesdays Where: Altos de Chavón art gallery, Casa de Campo More from Rachel White here: www.rachelwhite.org
During her time in Casa de Campo we got the chance to do a short interview with Rachel: What inspired you to create a series based on horses? The body of work I finished before the Polo series was the Women with Engines series. The series examined and expressed the strength, grace and even lure of the subject despite its burden. The women were classically nude, poised in corporate high heels, while maneuvering high performance engines (Bugatti, Ferrari etc.). I knew the next step was “horse power”, I drew, investigated and observed arabians, race horses, and work horses. Once I encountered my first polo horse I knew I had found my subject. Immediately I reflected upon classical and renaissance equine depictions. The polo horse has a monumental physique, a war like action, and primal freedom and recklessness, also he has the intelligence and savvy to collaborate with his rider. How has the Casa de Campo community responded to your work? The community has received my work with true excitement. The conversations I have had about the show have been precisely about what lured me to the subject in the first place: action (expressed as past, present and future), athletic strength, beauty, and intelligence of the horses. Those who attended the opening were passionate in their interpretation of the work. I was thrilled, excited and overwhelmed with the emotion of the audience the night of the opening. How did you enjoy your time in CDC? What did you enjoy doing best? Although the majority of the time we were working, I have to say I enjoyed relaxing at Playa Minitas. We also had a fantastic, long dinner at the Marina Casa de Campo. Good wine and great company, and what a view! It’s an amazing resort. I very much look forward to April 6th weekend! What was your favorite restaurant? Gino’s restaurant. Not only is it my favourite view, but the food is great. [Click here to read more about Gino’s!] 
Oh and by the way…… There is another art exhibit currently on display in the Altos de Chavón art gallery (upstairs) – “Soleils” by French artist Michel Bizet.