casa de campo gym

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casa de campo gym

Recently, a leading gym instructor from Baltimore in the United States, visited Casa de Campo for the first time, along with her family and co-worker/spinning trainer, as the guests of invited by Mirtha Ward, a member of Casa de Campo community and Casa de Campo villa owner. And during their visit we took the perfect opportunity to ask some questions, and get some wonderful health and fitness tips for golfers and sports fans in Casa de Campo!

Mirtha Ward, who currently lives in the United States, but is also a Casa de Campo villa owner and regular visitor to the resort, met Jacki Dalsimer, a professional trainer who works at the Kanton Club in Baltimore, USA, and impressed with her style and techniques, Jacki has now become Mirtha’s personal trainer.

As Casa de Campo was this year crowned the “Leading Golf Resort of the World” for the 5th consecutive year at the World Travel Awards, we took advantage of Jackie’s visit to do a short interview and get some top fitness tips for golfers!

casa de campo gym

Is this your first time in Casa de Campo? Tell us about your experience so far.
Yes! Itʼs been beautiful, itʼs very gorgeous, weʼve enjoyed the beach and the pool here and itʼs very nice and relaxing.

When did you arrive to Casa de Campo?
On the 8th of February and Iʼm leaving on the 15th. For myself I donʼt train when Iʼm on vacations because itʼs my rest time and resting is as important as training, however I do train Mirtha.

How did you get to know each other?
Mirtha and I met each other in the States, when she comes to the States I train her there, we do a lot of things, strength, flexibility and agility.

casa de campo gym

Jackie shows us how it’s done at the Casa de Campo hotel gym

How do you become a trainer? Tell us about your history.
I was a school teacher and then when I had my children I decided to stay at home. I gradually started doing more and more in the fitness industry and then I got into personal training and a little bit of fitness management as well. After my second child I competed in a figure competition within the first year of having my daughter. I just competed last June and she was born the June before, 2010.

The following are a few excellent tips for golfers:

Health and fitness tips for golfers in Casa de Campo

Exercising! Golfers must work on their strength, strengthening their rotator cuff to prevent injury, as well as incorporating stretches in order to strenghthen the muscles used for golfing, anything that would work the chest, the back and legs – you are using your legs as you power through the swing and you want to incorporate strength there.

What would be those excersises?
Squats lunges, chest, push-ups, pull-ups, a lot of shoulder work.

Diets to keep golfers healthy
I would stick to proteins, complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, sweet potatoes and then proteins like chicken, fish, steak (every once in a while, NOT all the time) and a lot of vegetables! So lots of green leafy vegetables, asparagus, spinach…

Thank you for such a nice interview and we hope you enjoyed your stay at Casa de Campo!

casa de campo pool

Off to relax at the Casa de Campo hotel pool – another day in paradise!