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Good day, Casa family! We hope you are all safe and healthy.

So much has changed the past few months. Events have been postponed or canceled, borders have closed, rules are constantly changing – this 2020 has definitely been a year of new challenges but we are sure that only together we overcome them.

All over the world, companies are being challenged by the COVID-19 crisis to find new ways to serve their communities and in response to all the changes that are happening, Casa de Campo Living Magazine has made a few changes which include us going digital and updating our design! The summer magazine looks better than ever!

 In the edition, Casa de Campo Living Magazine recaps some of Casa’s most loved annual events such as the Benefit Cocktail, and Adopt a Crib… See how the Casa community enjoyed each of the events! There’s one thing to be sure of in Casa— and that’s no matter where you go, you’re surrounded by friends, a loving and supportive community, and people who are out and about enjoying the ultimate lifestyle.

We also feature our Top 10 Things you can do in Casa de Campo, the story behind the Guayiga plant referred to by many as “food of the past”and a special interview with Rebecca González Managing Director of Universal Aviation worldwide ground support division of Universal Weather and Aviation, Inc. and as always you will find service and restaurant guides, maps, sport and activities rates, phone book and more!

We hope you’ll find in the stories published in our Casa de Campo Living Magazine Summer 2020 edition all that you expect and that the new design in which we have worked hard will be to your liking, hoping that soon you can also receive our printed version as well! Find below a letter to you, our beloved Casa community, by our president and publisher Philip Silvestri.

What comes next?

It’s been an interesting, if not an adventurous couple of months. The world has been rocked and changed in considerable ways, with more change certainly in store.

Sadly, like everyone everywhere in the world, we have lost some beloved friends. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families—our Casa de Campo community has lost some incredible people and we will miss them greatly.

While these tough times have kept us isolated, scared, stressed, and saddened, the good news is that Casa de Campo remains the epitome of that paradise—secluded and safe. For those lucky enough to quarantine themselves here, the availability of ample social distancing, picturesque views and nature made things a very unique time to spend in Casa, despite the unusual lack of activities and gatherings.

For the most part, we have remained healthy and may have even had the chance to catch up on some work, reading or lounging. We look forward to seeing—and embracing—friends and family again. We look forward to sharing stories, breaking bread and creating memories together, what Casa de Campo is all about.

I, for one, have been away from my Casa family for too long and look forward to seeing everyone very soon. I look forward to a breathtaking game of golf at sunset with a few close friends. I dream of dinner overlooking the Chavon river and a sunday journey to Palmilla with the family.

Whatever comes next for you, we look forward to helping you make your time in Casa de Campo so much better and live each day to the fullest. Carpe diem!

See you soon!

Philip Silvestri

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