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International Swim & Water Therapy in Casa de Campo 

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Swimming lessonsDid you know? Learning to swim, as well as being a fun activity is also an essential skill in the human being’s repertoire, as it is very useful for the psychomotor development of children. To swim is an activity very beneficial for our bodies, improving our muscles, respiratory system, as well as the circulatory system… Which is why we are happy to announce the imminent arrival of International Swim & Water Therapy!

From Friday August 8th until Saturday August 15th, Hortensia V. Aguirre will be in Casa de Campo and La Romana with her company “International Swim and Water Therapy” and will be offering the community of Casa de Campo swimming classes and a variety of innovative water therapies such as WATSU, WATERDANCE & AI CHI.

Hortensia has now been working with members of the Casa de Campo and La Romana community for a number of years now, teaching adults and children how to swim as well as providing water therapies such as Watsu, Waterdance and Ai Chi – innovative relaxation water techniques, which massage and relax the body in a much more deeply satisfying way than traditional massage whilst at the same time being more gentle.

So, if you want to learn how to swim or receive some water therapy, with an excellent teacher – hurry up and contact her now and register for the lessons!

Hortensia and International Swim and Water Therapy 

When: From Friday August 8th until Saturday August 15th


Here you can read a little more about Hortensia, the founder and director of International Swim:

international swim in casa de campo, casa de campo livingHello I’m Hortensia!

Hortensia is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is now half American and half Argentinean since she moved to The States as an adolescent.

Hortensia has always been exposed to the water and to teaching methods due to the fact that she’s been self-motivated to swim in her childhood and aid at summer camps. Also, she has been an observer of her older sister who certainly inspired her and who taught how to swim to lots of children in her home-based pool in Argentina.

Hortensia has a background of ten years now working independently in Miami with infants, kids, adults and people with special needs.

Throughout the years, she has developed a special faculty where she manages and excels the students’ potential in the water. She states: “I can teach, lead and deliver swimming education in one class where others do it in three to five classes”

Hortensia’s services are not only a ‘Learn to Swim’ program, but various “Water Therapy” methods for those in pain, post surgery or injuries.

Hortensia has been also hired overseas to deliver her expertise with renowned Casa de Campo families. Moreover, she’s flown her services to New York and Washington D.C.

Hortensia’s next visit to Casa de Campo will be from August 8th until August 15th. 

About International Swim

What are water therapies?

‘Water therapies’, thanks to Hortensia have become very popular in Casa de Campo, with a large number of the Casa de Campo community, indulging in this water-based massage to ease stress as well as aches and pains, although water therapies are hard to describe (we suggest you give them a go), here you can read a little bit more about them:

WATSU? What is Watsu?
Watsu is an individual therapy, and is the first aquatic massage therapy worldwide. During Watsu therapy, the patient floats in water, supported by the WATSU professional and will be gently slid and stretched. Watsu sessions are received in warm waters of 95 F / 35 C so that muscles are fully relaxed and more easily stretched.

What is Waterdance?
Is an individual therapeutic technique and aquatic massage developed by Arjan Brunschwiler and Aman Schroter in 1987. Waterdance therapy begins with Watsu, but differs in that the patient wears a nose clip, so that he can be brought under the water and begin to travel and fly into a feeling never previously experienced. Waterdance is like being in the womb, suspended in the amniotic fluid. It is one of the most fascinating experiences that an adult can expect to live. Just as in Watsu, water temperature for Waterdance sessions is 95F / 35C.

What is Ai Chi?
Ai Chi is on the other hand is a therapy that can be worked individually or in groups. Ai Chi is a relaxation aquatic program, which uses simple exercises and diaphragmatic breathing combined with slow, circular, smooth movements with the large limbs and torso.

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