Passionate and inspiring. If there are words we could use to describe Dominican designer Jenny Polanco, it would have been those. In loving memory of her, here we bring you once again an interview with Jenny Polanco previously published in TODO Casa de Campo magazine, back in 2013.  

Considered to be one of the Dominican Republic’s most acclaimed designers, Jenny Polanco was so enthusiastic, creative and passionate about her work, that it transcended her very essence. With more than 4 decades of experience, her zest for her art and commitment to her clients allowed her to develop beyond herself and her designs and into not only a brand, but a concept, a symbol of forward-thinking that combined her passion for design with her ingrained need to help others.

@cdcliving: What has inspired you to focus your designs on Dominican art and what is it that makes you so truly passionate about native art?

Honestly, I am inspired by everything Dominican; our country, our people and our very essence. I also support other contemporary artists who identify with this calling.

@cdcliving: How does the design process work for you?

When working on some collections I feel greatly inspired from the outset, this happened with my latest collection “Blanco”, in which we worked hard to ensure it expressed a different message from the usual. In others, I find my muse when the work is almost done, coming into play for the final touch, the last detail which really makes the finishing work really special.

@cdcliving: Since you first started in the fashion industry, what has changed and what has remained the same on a personal and a professional level?

I have matured…I think (laughing)! Everything happens for a reason, I accept both mistakes and satisfactions more easily… life goes on. What continues to be the same? My enthusiasm for work, my desire to keep my customers engaged with my new creations, as well as my use of linen as a base for all my designs.

@cdcliving: How and why is Casa de Campo part of your life?

Casa de Campo is my escape, a place where I can regain my energy and myself. I enjoy the silence and the peace and quiet which nowadays is a true luxury. I enjoy feeling free, waking up to the sound of birds chirping, the greenery around me, riding my bicycle, practicing yoga and swimming in “minitas”…those are simple but true pleasures – something which is increasing difficult to find in the city.

@cdcliving: You were a professor at the Art and Design School in Altos de Chavón. Tell us about this experience.

I feel part of the school in Altos de Chavón, not only because I participated in it, but because its directors, Dominique Bludhorn and Stephen Kaplan, have made me feel part of it. I advise them in everyway that I can, they visit my workshops and help me with my shows. In the end, we all support each other. To teach was a once in a lifetime experience, transmitting to all the students what my life experience and the secret to my was truly satisfying.

@cdcliving: What does Jenny Polanco wish to be remembered for?

I want to be the first Dominican fashion designer to grow beyond my own existence…something which is getting harder to accomplish, but I will keep trying.

To read the complete interview you can click below. In honor of Jenny, may we, the Casa de Campo community and all who loved her throughout the country continue to support and love her family and business, so that her concept, brand, and love of art may continue to thrive and live on in memory of a woman who pursued her dreams. 

An interview with Jenny Polanco: “I am inspired by everything Dominican”