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Passionate. If there was just one word we could use to describe Chef William Perez, it would have to be passionate.

William Perez, owner and chef at Crema in La Romana, formerly the chef at La Romana Country Club, passed away this week following a car accident. His remains were returned to La Romana yesterday and a funeral in his memory is taking place today (Thursday, September 10th) at the Funeraria Romana.

Chef William leaves behind his wife Ivette and their young children.

He also leaves behind a business, and a great passion for food and cooking. Crema, famous for being THE bakery in La Romana started out at the family’s home, grew to it’s first retail space near where we currently find Cinco Gelato and then to Francisco Richiez Street in the center of La Romana, where William’s dream of having his own restaurant came true.


A businessman, but above all a chef, William was so proud of his work, his business and above all is creations- from his falafel sandwich to the souvlaki salad to the legendary “4 leches” cake. Everyone who knew William knew he loved his work- after all who didn’t get an enthusiastic tour of the Crema kitchen? Or a tasting of one of his latest creations?

So tomorrow when Crema reopens its doors after 2 days in mourning, do not stay away. In honor of William, may we, the La Romana community continue to support and love this family and this business, so that Crema may continue to thrive and live on in memory of a man who pursued his dreams.