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The Dominican Republic’s tropical climate can have a toll on wood furniture. Beach and waterfront property owners are tasked with facing numerous environmental variables that can lead to damage in wood— sunlight, wind, moisture, salt, and sand being the most common factors. Marc Olivier, owner of TECK Furniture store in La Romana, shares an interesting tip how to protect your wood and keep it looking good and lasting longer.

Humidity can lead to wood warping, shrinking, or even developing mold in bad conditions, while sunlight can cause wood fading and break down its strength. The UV light is so strong in this country, Marc warns Casa de Campo Living that no wood varnish can last very long. The solution? Use a Teak sealer! Teak wood is long known to endure tough weather conditions with its high resistance to moisture and be a natural repellent to bugs and rotting. A teak sealer gives a UV layer of protection to any wood, prevents mildew growth and oxidation that leads to fading.

It’s important to note that Teak oil does not in fact exist; it’s a commercial term that refers to a mix of tung oil and linseed oil— which can actually darken wooden furniture. As a very effective method for keeping wood furniture looking great over long periods of time, TECK uses a wood varnish and applies a UV protector or a Teak sealer to secure the wood’s protection. The Teak sealer can be applied every so often to furniture and is as simple as using a cloth over the wood’s surface. It’s always important to clean your wood beforehand, so thoroughly dust the wooden surface, and if needed, remove tough spots with a mix of baking soda and water.

TECK Furniture store in La Romana also restores old furniture. If any of your pieces have been damaged by inclement weather, rough winds, sunlight, or old age, don’t hesitate to seek out their services. Visit the store firsthand to see their merchandise in person, and now it’s easier than ever— they’ll send a taxi! Forget the hassle of driving in town, with TECK, getting there, transporting your furniture and acquiring new pieces is easier than ever!


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