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The holidays are coming! Hogar del Niño announces Christmas Café de la Leche!

cafe de la leche

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cafe de la lecheThe holidays are coming! And one of the first holiday celebrations of the season will be the Christmas Café de la Leche to be hosted by Xiomara Menéndez on Friday December 13th. 

Decked out with the most beautiful seasonal decorations, the Casa de Campo villa of Ramón and Xiomara Menéndez is every year transformed into a magical holiday grotto, making it the perfect location to celebrate the very special Christmas Café de la Leche.

As the founder of the Patronato Oriental Benéfico, the umbrella organization for the Hogar del Niño, Xiomara welcomes more than 100 guests to the charitable gathering, which rather than the milk normally collected for the school’s crib room and their more than 200 babies, on this occasion collects candies and other sweet treats for the annual Christmas party.

Upon arrival, Xiomara’s guests are welcomed by her incredible “Christmas village”.

christmas miniature village

More than 2 weeks work, Xiomara’s handcrafted Christmas village is made up of miniatures collected on her many travels – a new one for every new country she visits. Every year Xiomara recreates the village using cotton wool for the snow and positioning each one of the houses, figurines, trees and fences by hand to create something which would not be out of place in Disney World!

Beyond the threshold and the Christmas village, the villa glows with the magical spirit of Christmas – glittering Christmas trees, holiday lights and traditional decorations – it’s a sight to behold! The decorations and the infectious holiday spirit shared amongst the ladies enjoying traditional Dominican “ponche” and other typical holiday treats, makes this Café de la Leche my personal favorite of the entire year.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Christmas Café de la Leche with Xiomara Menéndez

When: Friday December 13th, 5pm – 7pm

Where: Bahía Minitas #5, Casa de Campo

Contribution: Candies and treats for the Hogar del Niños Christmas party!

Info: (809) 523-8901

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The Christmas Café de la Leche 2012

cafe de la leche

Last year, the Christmas Café de la Leche was a magical celebration!


About the Café de la Leche
cafe de la leche
The Cafe de la Leche is a monthly charitable event, a little like a coffee or a tea party held for the ladies of Casa de Campo (although men are occasionally invited) and usually takes place on the first Friday of the month, hosted by a member of the Casa de Campo villa at her Casa de Campo villa or occasionally restaurant/business.

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