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Hogar del Niño XXI is THIS WEEKEND!

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Hogar del Niño weekend has finally arrived! This year, the two day event is filled with fun activities for community members to enjoy while at the same time giving to a fantastic cause! This years line up includes, Dart & Bubble soccer, the tennis tournament, the golf tournament, and a mountain bike scavenger hunt! The weekend will wrap up with dinner and a celebration. Hogar del Niño XXI is sure to be another charitable weekend for the books!

Friday kicks off the weekend with an afternoon of family fun! Dart Soccer and Bubble Soccer is coming to the NEW Real Madrid soccer field near the Casa de Campo gas station! For $10 a person, you can try out the exciting new games! Dart Soccer is much like regular darts on a larger scale! You play kicking soccer balls at a large blow up target! With bubble soccer, players get inside of giant inflatable bubbles and must run around playing the game from inside! It is a challenge and will have you falling over laughing! The games go from 3:30pm until 5:30pm on Friday!

Saturday is jam packed with activities! The golf and tennis tournaments will take place at the La Romana Country Club and there is a new activity this year, the Mountain Bike Scavenger Hunt! Participants will ride bikes around Casa de Campo finding the spots where predetermined pictures will be taken around the resort. Then, riders must mimic the pictures already taken, coming as close to exact replicas as possible! Points are awarded for accuracy, so the closer you get to copying the exact picture the better! Whoever accumulates the most points for pictures taken closest to the original pictures, wins the scavenger hunt!

The weekend will wrap up with a dinner and celebration Saturday evening! All proceeds from the benefit go to Hogar del Niño, an educational daycare center and program in La Romana that is funded by The Patronato Benéfico Oriental, a non-profit organization founded in 1976. The PBO offers services to vulnerable and underdeveloped communities all around the Dominican Republic at little to no cost thanks to all of the donations and fundraising done. Hogar del Niño cares for more than 1,500 children daily.  They provide not only education for a range of students, including over 75 blind and deaf students and vocational training for over 200, Hogar del Niño also offers medical and dental care. The students receive formal classes as well as extracurriculars that will help them in the real world.

Be sure to sign up and get involved with the many charitable activities coming up this weekend!

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