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The Casa de Campo Living magazine August 2022 has arrived!! In it, you’ll find information on shopping, dining, and sporting facilities, along with feature articles on what’s going on in Casa. This magazine is perfect to carry around with you…

In this issue, we are sharing some of this year’s Casa de Campo events and occasions, honoring all the good times we have had in Casa, and the many more that are to come!

This is our 40th edition, and in it, we are featuring the “Sugar Tournaments” which take place in Casa de Campo to raise funds for the Fundación MIR charity, which runs three schools in La Romana with more than 1,500 students. We talk about its history and this year’s events. 

Add to this a beautiful Saint Barths’ style beach house; the perfect home for families searching to spend a nice, relaxing vacation in the Caribbean and an appreciation for Chavón The School of Design graduate class of this year. 

We also bring you a delicious new recipe by Gabriella Reginato; invite you to meet Daniela Bisono León a passionate and creative young woman who has decided to lead a healthy lifestyle from which she has made and created her personal brand, and we also show you some of Casa de Campo’s upcoming addition to their offerings. 

All of this and more are on the pages of this edition so stay on the lookout for the latest Casa de Campo Living magazine! We hope you’ll find in the stories published in our Casa de Campo Living Magazine August 2022 edition all that you expect and that it will be to your liking.

Be on the lookout for the hot-off-the-press print, and as always you can also find it online! Find below a letter to you, our beloved Casa community, by our president and publisher Philip Silvestri.

Dear reader,

Having grown up in Casa de Campo, I can remember a Casa de Campo that was, in many ways, completely different. When I first arrived, there were just over 150 villas, no airport, no cruise ship port, no marina, no pools at the beach … the list goes on and on.

But what hasn’t changed is the true beauty of this place and all the incredible players doing their part to constantly elevate the experience. I recently sat down for a coffee with Juan Velasquez, Vice President & Administrator of Costasur Casa de Campo, in his beautiful office and was impressed by seemingly endless efforts being made to keep residents enjoying a world-class luxury lifestyle. From resort landscaping, pest control, keeping the golf courses in pristine condition, managing noise pollution standards, security — the list just goes on and on, and because of these ongoing efforts, we get to take it all for granted.

Another similar conversation I recently had was with Jason Kycek, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Casa de Campo Resort and Villas, also impressed on me just how much passion, focus, and resources are being directed to projects like the creation of over fifty new hotel rooms and a new world-class spa — along with many other yet to be announced plans — with the simple commitment to raising the bar a little every day.

These are some of the incredible folks, working hard every day to make sure that every single aspect of the experience during your time in Casa de Campo is as perfect as possible. That is what makes this place more than a destination and more than home. It’s what makes this place Casa.

I look forward to seeing you out and about in paradise.

Kind regards,