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The 17th hole on the Teeth of the Dog is one of the most difficult holes of the course and in fact all of Casa’s golf courses, especially for right handed golfers. The reason for this is the beautiful Caribbean Sea… a very intimidating sight just feet off the fairway, immediately to the left of the tee box and surrounding 50% of the green. This is a hole where the Teeth really gets vicious!

In fact, hole 17 is so vicious that it’s well-known as the hardest hole of the Teeth of the Dog golf course, and as such the toughest hole in all of Casa de Campo! Click here to read “Is hole #17 the Teeth of the Dog’s toughest hole?”

Many of you know very well that making a par on this hole feels like a birdie or even better. I’m going to give you a few tips to make this hole seem much easier. Remember, golf is a difficult sport to master and my job is to make it easier and more enjoyable. Read and then re-read these tips below and I guarantee they will help you next time you tee up.

1.) The Drive

The tee shot on this hole is probably one of the most important drives of the day because it is your second to last hole and you would hate to drop a shot or two coming down the stretch. Depending on which tees you are playing and if you are a long ball hitter or not, club selection is crucial. If you are a long ball hitter, but tend to be a little wild, put the driver back in the bag. This is not a super long hole, so play it like a par 5 or give yourself a good chance of making par with a long iron. If you are a shorter, but accurate player, pull out the driver and aim at the shelter hut left of the green.

2.) Confidence is everything

If you have any doubt at all about what you’re doing, whether it is off the tee or your approach shot into this narrow green, STOP and either take a less aggressive line or take less club and be safe and short.

3.) Know your miss

For right handers, if your miss is a slice to the right; 1st aim left, 2nd book a lesson with me after the round… I’ll help you cure that slice. But all joking aside, it is vital to know your miss so you can guard yourself for these difficult tee shots and approaches to the green.

4.) Approach shot

Let’s say you have hit a beauty down the fairway or even just off the fairway. What do you do now? Let’s ask ourselves two fairly easy questions. A) Is it better to be right or left?… Obviously left. B) Is it better to be short or long?… It’s not obvious, but it’s better to be short. The advantage of being a little short and left is huge because you have many options, but most importantly your ball will be dry. Another beauty about being short is there is a massive false front which allows you to put onto the green if you are not the best chipper.

5.) Putting

This is one of the smallest and most narrow greens on the Teeth. So obviously you must be careful, but luckily there are only 2 areas of this green that are difficult to read and judge. The front left nose of the green has a lot of break toward the Caribbean and can be difficult to read… I would advise to read more break when on the left side of the green. The other difficult part of the green is back right, this area actually breaks away from the Caribbean and is very tricky to see the movement.

Remember these tips and to learn more come for a lesson at the Jim McLean Golf School in Casa de Campo.

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