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Thursday, August 11th made for an eventful evening at the Marina Casa de Campo with many attending the Casa de Campo launch of Chef Gabriella Reginato’s newest line of gourmet products at Azimut Cafe. In a show of community unity and friendship, many stopped by to congratulate Gabriella and taste some of the delicious new products. Some, like myself, did not leave empty handed after purchasing one (or several!) of the items to try at home. gabriella reginato In addition to being a renowned Dominican Chef, Gabriella is a Casa de Campo community member, most recently making national headlines in her marriage to Luis Emilio Rodríguez Amiama, Director of the La Romana gabriella reginatoInternational Airport and the International Tourism Port. Reginatto is also a TV personality with her very own TV show,  Sabores, where she shares her favorite recipes with the audience and where she is commonly heard saying her signature phrase, VOALA! – which is also the name of her newest line of gourmet products. The new gourmet products are meant to be a staple in everyone’s kitchens. The Sundried Tomato Pesto, Truffled Mustard, Bacon Marmalade, Herb Mix and Truffle Butter are incredibly diverse and can be used as dressings, spreads, in sauces, toppings, and pretty much anything you can think of! I went home with the Sundried Tomato Pesto and Truffled Mustard, and must confess to spreading the pesto on everything I made over the weekend. Here in Casa de Campo, VOALA! products are conveniently sold at Azimut Cafe at the Marina Casa de Campo. If in Santo Domingo, you may also find them at Meat Depot, Sonoma, Super La Placita, Carne & Co, Chinola and in Punta Cana at the Kitchen Appliances Store.
We asked Gabriella a few questions about her new line of products and this is what she had to say: CDCL:How did the idea of having this line of products come up?  GR: For two years I have been trying a few recipes, hosting tastings, looking for different products…until I came up with something that I thought were products that can conquer taste buds. After getting approval from a few demanding pallates, I embarked on an adventure to launch them for the public. CDCL: Whats your favorite one or the one you use daily? GR:All of them!!! HAHAHA No really, I love them all. The herb mix I use to season everything, from veggies, dressings, fish and beef. The pesto is ideal for an afternoon snack, the butter with a bit of bread in the morning or over beef, fish, of warm scrambled eggs. The marmelade in a burger and the mustard on a pork loin. I love them all! CDCL:Would you like to expand or add more products in the future? GR: Yes, I would. I’m creating some new recipes that can be equally good and which can complement the line of products I already have.  CDCL:What do you think of the commmunity’s support during the event on Thursday? GR: I was very surprised and pleased. They made me feel very special. I got to meet so many people…everyone so timely and so much warmth. It was an unforgetable welcome. THANK YOU!  CDCL:Some upcoming projects you can share with us? GR: Yes! Very soon I will be opening a Studio Kitchen! A place to host themed workshops, cooking classes for kitchen assistants and for businesses. A place to host team building activities o where a group of friends can get together to learn more about cooking. Once a month I would love to have a “Chef’s Table”  with a tasting menu and wine pairings for 5-6 couples, where we can cook and taste everything on the spot. In the same spot, I am thinking of having a little shop where you can purchase gourmet products, oils and condiments…and of course, the VOALA! products.
Thursday evening made for an effortlessly elegant evening amongst friends at one of the most beautiful sites at the Marina…as every Thursday should be! We enjoyed canapes by Gabriella and bubbly by Maschio. Thank you to Azimut Cafe and the Caslini’s for hosting such a fabulous evening, and to Gabriella for introducing us to your recipes and products. If you did not attend the event and test the fabulous canapes with the VOALA! products, we encourage you to go check them out at Azimut and take one home to try…they will make any simple recipe turn gourmet in a jiffy.  The following pictures were taken by Yollmary Genao on Thursday, August 11th at Azimut Cafe at the Marina Casa de Campo.

¡VOALA! by Gabriella Reginato

On sale at: Azimut Cafe, Paseo del Mar, Marina Casa de Campo Available Products: Sundried Tomato Pesto $600.00 Bacon Marmelade $600.00 Herb Mix $ 250.00 Truffled Mustard $500.00 Truffled Butter $ 320.00 Download her recipes for using all of these goodies! VOALA! Recipes by Gabriella Reginato Follow Gabriella: Instagram: @gabriellareginato