Fresh Fresh Chavón

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Friyays are my favorite day of the work week as I’m sure many would agree. Working at Altos de Chavón just makes for even better Fridays and last one was no exception. After a crazy but exciting week I needed a nice cocktail and before even giving it much thought, a friend suggested we should go to Marietta’s Happy Hour (SCORE!). A few gin tonics later we looked towards Fresh Fresh Chavón and see a nice crowd gathering for the Van Avakian performance… and off we went to join them! Shortly thereafter we found ourselves hanging out with an awesome crowd of Casa de Campo community members enjoying mojitos, beers, the classic Fresh Fresh smoothies and Van’s one man show which was nothing short of impressive. Picture this: a really cool dude playing a guitar to Jazz and Reggae tunes and all of a sudden breaking out into rap improv that could have been taken out of Hamilton (Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical). This guy is TALENTED and hats off to Xioma Menéndez for inviting him to Fresh Fresh so we could all enjoy it. At that point I had mixed emotions — incredibly excited about my improvised Friday evening and frustrated because we had not booked a photographer to take pictures of this really cool event! Little did I know my dear friend Erika Vilain would come to the rescue and take really cool photos and video! Thank you Erika! So if you missed this casual but super fun event at Fresh Fresh Chavón, I encourage you to stay tuned as I’m positive we’ll be seeing more events like this one soon. In the meantime, consider joining me, and so many other community members on work week evenings at Altos de Chavón. There is so much to do and so many places you can head to. The cobbles are alive with music, happy hours, dining specials and more every day of the week at Marietta, Onno’s, Papa Jacks, La Cantina and Fresh Fresh. There is no excuse for your work week to will be boring anymore. So without further ado, check out our gallery of pictures by our very own Erika Vilain (you are hired!):