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When we spotted Frank Perozo and Evelyna Rodriguez, the stars of the movie La Extraña having breakfast at the Lago Grill in Casa de Campo, we felt like we had walked right into a set of the movie La Extraña! Of course we hadn’t, and actually Frank Perozo and Evelyna Rodriguez were at the Lago Grill enjoying a relaxed breakfast the night following the premier celebrated in the Marina Casa de Campo on Friday May 9th.  Sitting with fellow actors of La Extraña, Frank Perozo and Evelyna Rodriguez enjoyed Lago Grill’s magnificent buffet breakfast at one of the restaurants best tables overlooking the Teeth of the Dog golf course and the Caribbean sea. Upon finishing his breakfast, Frank Perozo took a few moments to sign autographs and pose for photos with the staff of the Lago Grill:  Click here for lots of photos taken during the premier of La Extraña in the Marina Casa de Campo.  Now that the Marina Casa de Campo cinema has prolonged the showing of La Extraña is your chance to see (or see again) this outstanding movie… La Extraña will be here at the Marina Casa de Campo until Wednesday May 28th- so take advantage of this huge opportunity!