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Flavors of the World Mexico is coming to Casa!

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Save the date! Join us in May for another incredible culinary trip around the world! This time around we’re bringing Guadalajara, Mexico to Casa! Experience a gastronomic journey directly from the FAMOUS Alcalde Restaurant, ranked 36 out of Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants!

Chef Francisco ‘Paco’ Ruano of Alcalde Restaurant will be taking us on a voyage through the rich and unique flavors of Mexican cuisine that with fascinate your taste buds! Ruano is the head chef and co-owner of Alcalde Restaurant, named after the original market in Guadalajara. He has always been fascinated by the whole process of preparing meals, not just the cooking aspect, but everything down to the selection of ingredients from the market. His passion for the process is what helped give Alcalde its name.

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Ruano learned to cook from his mother and grandmother and attended culinary school but ultimately feels that he has learned the most from working under other famously known Chef’s such as Thierry Blouet. Working in kitchens around the world Ruano learned about the importance of dedication, passion and discipline. His kitchen is filled with young people straight out of culinary school because he wants to help mold the next generation of chefs in Mexico. Alcalde has won awards and is renowned for its fantastic food! This Flavors of the World is one you won’t want to miss!

The event will take place from May 11th to 13th at La Piazzetta Ristorante in Altos de Chavón. The 11th and 12th will be a Chef’s tasting menu dinner and on Sunday, the 13th, there will be a brunch!  


When: May 11th-13th

Where: La Piazzetta Ristorante, Altos de Chavón

Please call Concierge to book your place at these events: 809-523-3165, 3166

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