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As soon as a student mentions they study at the Chavón School of Design, it opens up many doors. As an artist, it can be difficult in the beginning, but talent and hard work always prevails. Talent is evident by simply looking at student work and this is just what happened last week when Stephen Kaplan, Rector of the Altos de Chavón School of Design, visited one of the classrooms. 

The La Romana campus has two technical careers currently in their curriculum, Film and Fine Arts. As described in the school’s website, “The two-year program offers a complete experience in studio practice, contemporary art ideas, and interaction with the community. Students explore color, texture, and form to find their own voice, and come to understand the importance of communication processes in meeting the needs of social groups and their links to the visual arts. The program relies on the classic fundamentals of art—drawing, painting, and sculpture—establishing practical and experimental processes in the field of visual arts that permit graduates to establish their individual expression, critical sense, and appreciation of art. The Fine Arts program offers three areas of study: Drawing and Painting, Sculpture or Contemporary Art.”

All of this is expertly taught by a group of professionals who work with the students to help them step out of their comfort zones and bring about their most creative selves. The students who come to Chavón love what they do, and they love it so much that they are willing to spend several sleepless nights in order to finish assignments.

Last week in a visit to some of the classrooms, Stephen was pleasantly surprised when he walked into Raul Miyar’s class. Raul is the director of the Fine Arts career and was teaching second-year students who will be graduating in the spring. This year classes have been cut short due to the hurricane warnings we’ve had, so technically the students have had two weeks of class versus a full month. The progress that Stephen saw was so impressive he asked to have their work exhibited in the main gallery.

Dominique Bludhorn, president of the Altos de Chavón Cultural Center, was also one to praise the students work: “Irma, María, and two campus evacuations haven’t stopped the incredible drawings of our students! And this is week four.” The students’ varied charcoal and mixed media drawings are set up in The Gallery’s second floor for a limited time; don’t miss the opportunity to visit and see them for yourselves!

Plus, don’t forget to SAVE-THE-DATE for the opening of the next exhibition to be displayed: “Two Years of Fotosafaris” by ONE & ONE on October 12th.

See below a collection of images taken by Laura Perdomo of some of the student work:

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Altos de Chavón Art Gallery

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Chavón Santo DomingoFounded in 1983, The Altos de Chavón School of Design offers careers in applied arts in the areas of Fine Arts, Visual Communication and Fashion. This type of intensive two-year program provides the graduates with an associate degree at a technical level, which provides them with a solid education that enables participants to compete as professionals in the field of design and arts both locally and internationally.

Graduates of the School of Design are eligible to transfer directly to Parsons School of Design in New York. More than 2,000 Dominicans and students from around the world have graduated from the School of Design, demonstrating that a solid background in design, parallel to an emphasis on the development of the industry is the best formula for a successful career.

The highly practical and market-oriented curriculum, provides students with a unique set of skills that allows them to be easily inserted into the work environment.