“Dos Años de Fotosafaris”

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The Altos de Chavón Cultural Center Foundation will inaugurate the photographic collective “Dos Años de Fotosafaris” on October 12th, an exhibition that gathers the idiosyncrasy and the essence of Dominican beauty.

The exhibition brings together a group of photographers who have linked their artistic exercise with a defined environmental vocation, which takes them to different places to capture images of nature reserves, national parks, and suggestive landscapes that attest to their adventures in the Dominican Republic and Caribbean. The photographic record of these safaris generates reflections and emotions, which reaffirm the responsibility for the preservation of the environment as a balanced and harmonious combination between nature and society.

“Dos Años de Fotosafaris”

The selection of 35 photographs, curated by Ginna Ozuna and Juan Carlos Vélaz, is the result of the second year of photographic tours made by the ONE & ONE project which shows natural and cultural values ​​from different regions of the Dominican Republic.

It consists of the work of 22 photographers committed to the improvement of their technique and to show the kindness that the Dominican Republic offers. The photographers are: Amarilis Cueto, Ardeny Figueroa, Blass Ozuna, Deivy Checo, Erymil Díaz, Fátima Mendoza, Ginna Ozuna, Héctor Pérez, Isabel Páez, Isis Martínez, José Ariel Camilo, Josué Duran, Juan Carlos Vélaz, Kate Saint-Hilaire, Lidia Losada, Miguel Peralta, Thomasine Acosta, Silvani Hernández, Víctor Duran, Vinicio-Hilaire, and William Acosta.

Juan Carlos Vélaz states: “When we travel thinking about photography as a target, we are aware of what is happening. Hidden places, mountains, rivers, lakes, and coasts merge in the purpose of achieving good material. Portraits of strangers are a gateway to meeting them. People are molded physically and culturally by their environment; climate, ancestry, beliefs, traditions … colorful streets and craft markets all vary depending on the place.”

“Dos Años de Fotosafaris”

The collective photographic exhibition of the project ONE & ONE will be open to the public from October 12th to November 1st 2017 at the Main Gallery in Altos de Chavón.

About ONE & ONE

Is a visual communication company, dedicated to educating people in photography and the environment, directed by visual communicators and photographers, Juan Carlos Vélaz and Ginna Ozuna who have been doing a series of ecotourism trips or “Fotosafaris” with the participation of professional photographers and/or amateurs for the purpose of publicizing the areas of environmental interest of the Dominican Republic. These excursions include ecological talks, the importance of parks or reserves, the appropriate codes of behavior, and history of the places visited.

The ONE & ONE Fotosafaris aim to disseminate the natural and cultural values ​​of different regions through excursions of low environmental impact, developed by photographers for photographers or anyone interested in knowing and exploring national parks, natural monuments, protected areas, and scientific reserves.

“Two Years of Fotosafaris

* Article contributed by the Fundación Centro Cultural Altos de Chavón