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Aldea Cultural

The Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima, the new cultural village in La Romana, is hosting a series of events this week as part of the Fiestas Patronales celebrations which started last Friday, 22nd of August.

Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

“Fiestas Patronales” are an annual fair celebrated in memory of a saint or divinity of the Catholic Church. Every Church has their own Fiestas Patronales on a determined date depending on which Saint is the patron for their church. For example, here in La Romana, the Santa Rosa de Lima church is celebrating the Fiestas Patronales for their patroness: Santa Rosa de Lima. These special celebrations last for 9 days in which everyday after mass, the whole church rejoices in celebration with music, fun games, food, drinks and visits from different priests, as well as other personalities from the diocese such as the Bishop Gregorio Nicanor Peña Rodríguez, as is the case of Santa Rosa de Lima.

As well as at the Santa Rosa de Lima church, here in La Romana the Fiestas Patronales are also being celebrated at the Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima – and you are cordially invited to join in! The details of the celebrations are as follows:

Conversatorio Santa Rosa de Lima: Tradición e Integración de la Cultura Romanense
(Talk on tradition and integration of the La Romana culture)

There are some things about the history of La Romana that most of us do not know, and as part of the celebrations of the Fiestas Patronales, this Thursday 28th of August, Dr. José López (the Health Vice President of Central Romana & Director of the Centro Médico) and Dra. Celsa Albert Batista will enlighten those who attend this talk with all kinds of interesting tales of La Romana’s past that you may not have heard of before!

There is a lot more to La Romana than  meets the eye, and this Thursday the traditions of La Romana will be revealed so that the people who live in this beautiful town, as well as those who do not live here, can learn all about it.

Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima

When: Thursday 28th of August

Time: 6:00pm

Where: Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima (Antigua Fortaleza)

Noche de Atabales y Salves

Remember you always have to save the best things until the last! And so to close the Fiestas Patronales at the Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima, Celeste Cruz accompanied by her group, will lead a Noche de Atabales y Salves! A pure expression of the Dominican culture and spirituality!

The ATABALES are a percussion instrument of African origin. Here, in the Dominican Republic the Atabales form part of many cultural and religious celebrations, for example, the Atabales Festival of Sainaguá in San Cristóbal. These drums were inherited from the African slaves that were brought here by the Spaniards and hence, are an import part of our culture and traditions.


When:  Saturday 30th of August

Time: 8:00pm

Where: Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima (Antigua Fortaleza)

The Aldea Cultural Santa Rosa de Lima was opened just last month! Click here to read all about this incredible new project in La Romana!