Fashion show Altos de Chavón

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Is a fashion show coming soon to Altos de Chavon?

Robert García of the Robert García Salon, in Altos de Chavón, just announced via his Facebook that a fashion show will be “coming soon” to Altos de Chavón.

While Robert García and his team work on the details, all we can do is get excited for the possibility of a fashion show in Altos de Chavón, and check out this teaser video released on the youtube channel of Pierre Dulanto, a fashion producer:

YouTube video

Robert García & the Robert García Salon

Robert García is Casa de Campo’s resident reality TV star, and a fabulous hairstylist.

The flamboyant Robert García, the inventor of the first hands-free blow dryer holder and star of the Style networks reality TV show Split Ends, has chosen the Casa de Campo resort as the location of his new salon.

Robert celebrated the opening of the Robert García Salon in Altos de Chavón back in April of this year. Click here for photos.

And just for fun, here’s another video by Pierre Dulanto of Robert in action at the Robert Garcia Salon:

YouTube video