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It is with great sorrow that we mourn the loss of Don Carlos Morales Troncoso.

Don Carlos was a great man. Ambassador to the United States (1989–1990), Minister of Foreign Affairs (1994–1996, 2004–2014) and Vice President (1986–1994).


But to me he was a kind, humble man. A gentleman who I would see from time to time enjoying a coffee in Crema, and who always took the time to say hello, not just to myself and Philip, but to everyone who greeted him.

Locally Don Carlos became the president of Gulf and Western Americas (today Central Romana) at just 34 years old, and although later he dedicated his life to politics, he kept an active role in the affairs of Central Romana and indeed Casa de Campo.


Here we bring you a letter to Don Carlos, written by another great man, Dr. José López Larache, the Health Vice President of Central Romana & Director of the Centro Médico.

This Saturday November 8th at 4pm, the Central Romana Corporation is holding a mass in memory of Carlos Morales Troncoso. The mass will take place at Igelesia Santa Rosa de Lima in La Romana.

A letter from Dr. López


Don Carlos,

Life is so short! It seems like yesterday when in 1966, I met you as a child with my father in the house of our neighbor, Victor Arias in Higueral.

From that moment I had your friendship and presence in my life: through the Colegio La Salle in Higuey, the School of Medicine in Santiago PUCMM, in my early days as a doctor at the Central Romana Hospital, and especially your support as I did my postgraduate degree in Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.

We always received your solidarity and support for all social-community projects of the bateys, such as the construction of the first sub-rural health center in Batey Lechuga, and mobile medical units to prevent and treat disease development…

…And many years later, when I got my first grey hairs, you were present in the great dream: the opening of the new Central Romana Hospital, to care for your friends of the bateys, of the furfural, the boilers, the factory and from all parts of the Central Romana sugarmill.


Then, how many Saturdays and Sundays we shared in common in Haras Higueral lost in our passion for horses! How often we saw the foals running with the force of life, and the majestic pride of the pure-blood!

Our last conversation was two weeks ago. We talked about family, the ponies we were training for the polo, and of your health.

Once again Don Carlos, how short is life! When we have everything, when we know so much and experience weighs more than an advice …. the farewell begins.

On behalf of the Chimenea, the Batey, the Zafra and lost time… with gratitude, a farewell, a so long.

I join the grief of your family and the Dominican people.

Dr. José F. López Larache